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Slight change - New sermons are now on top of the list.

Below, you can click on a sermon. When prompted, you can click open to listen right away. Otherwise you can save the file and be able to listen at a later time. If you have any troubles, feel free to contact us.


Tom Maher, Luke 14:7-24 | 10-14-18

Tom Maher, Matthew 16:26-35 The Subtlety Of Sin | 10-7-18

Tom Maher, John 4, The Woman At The Well| 4-22-18

Jonathan Grella, 1Corinthians 12 | 2-11-18

Jonathan Grella, Christ Above All, Philippians 2:5-11| 12-10-17

Tom Maher Matthew 8:18-27| 11-19-17

Jonathan Grella, Christ Above All, Colossians 1:15-23| 10-8-17

Zink 3-19-17

Three Great No's

I Corinthians 15 The Great Resurrection| 10-2-2016

Norm Zink John 5 Christ Heals|4-17-16

John Patton, Missionary In Spain|11-22-15

Mike Laslo "Romans 1"|11-15-15

Jaimie Parlette "God's Word"|10-25-15

Mike Laslo "A Flyover Of Revelation"|9-20-15

Jaimie Parlette "Seeking God"|4-26-15

Paul Simpkns "Religion and Politics"| 11-2-2014

Paul Simpkns "A Renewed Perspective On Life"| 10-26-2014

Paul Simpkns "How To Respond To suffering"| 6-8-2014

Paul Simpkns 1Corinthians 15| 3-9-2014

Scott Barker "A Message To The Church In Laodicea| 10-13-2013

Scott Barker "A Message To The Church In Thyatira| 10-6-2013

Scott Barker| 9-29-2013

Scott Barker, "That I May Know Him"| 3-24-2013