Chase Christmas Prayer/Report Letter 2016

Dear Friends, Family and Church Family,
     Receiving our prayer letters: 1) Thankfully Continental Baptist Missions emails our letter
to all our CBM Missionaries. 2)Please update your email address if that should change. 3) No
email? Please open the web page of Faith Baptist Church, Benzonia, MI--address is This letter is not arriving when I said it would. Next letter out date: 2/15/17.
     Our health report: In Sept. Jim had acute bronchitis--Marie, bronchitis. Next, Jim's pneumonia. 
On his 4th E.R. visit, a woman (Dr. ?) came and talked cleverly to Jim. He decided to be
admitted to the hospital....test, medicines,very good  nurses and techs. He thought the best
thing about the stay was ordering meals off a menu! When he got home his health seemed
to plunge: couldn't breathe, no sleep, severe anxiety, no appetite, weakness. The hospital
echocardiogram  report was just found by a technician finally. Our family Dr. had us come in.
He plans to get an appointment with Jim's cardiologist.  PLEASE PRAY!
     Daughter Sue and Keith Fitch (Denver) were here for a brief visit,. Our Grand Rapids
family has come up for visits and brought meals with them. Our church family has been
so dear--visits, food, cards and errands. Bless them all!!!
     In our last letter, we were enjoying the warm Fall weather. Now, bitter cold. As the popular
song says, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas." 
     One memory that is most special to us: A mid-Sunday afternoon, about 25 or 30 of our
church family came over and sang hymns and Christmas carols to Jim. Their voices were
of harmony--just beautiful! Snow was gently wafting down. What a picture!!
     As we celebrate our Savior, may we find deeper meaning in Christmas and greater hope 
in the New Year.
"For the wages of sin is death, but the GIFT OF GOD is Eternal Life through
JESUS CHRIST, our LORD"  Romans 6:23
A Happy, Blessed Christmas, Filled with Love,
Jim and Marie Chase  
CBM Missionaries, Retired                                 201 W Johnson Road-Scottville,MI 49454
                                                                            Phone: 231-757-2518
PS- This is DEC. 17.....Jim is 87 yrs old today!!!    cake           



Chase Thanksgiving Prayer/Report Letter, November 15, 2016

Dear Friends,                                                                                                                                              

It is hard to make contact with Prayer Warriors these months. 1)We are thankful that Continental Baptist Mission will send our letters via email to all CBM missionaries. 2)We will email to you if you keep your address updated to us. 3)A reminder to those who want to open the web page of Faith Baptist Church (Benzonia, MI)----address is We plan to have our next letter sent out by December 15.

Jim was scheduled to preach the morning service at our church Sunday, Nov. 13, but he has pneumonia with many miserable symptoms. When he recovers, he has a small woodworking project to do. We both like to be used when able.

PRAISES: This Autumn has been beautiful with nice weather. The temperature in early November being in the mid-60’s by Lake Michigan broke records. The leaves have been so colorful, and they hung onto the trees longer than usual. We have enjoyed watching deer that hang out in the field across the road from us, right out the front windows. The young ones really have fun running around. Sometimes they look like rocking horses as they go. Lord’s Creation!!

PLEASE PRAY: Gr. Grandniece, Natalie (4 yrs.) is still having chemo. The tumor is gone from her head (PTL), but she does have cancer in her bones. She has chemo at home and then testing and strong chemo once a month at Grand Rapids, MI. After major testing in March, the doctors will determine what’s next. At the very least, it is anticipated that she will take chemo pills to heal her bones. Her Mom, Kayla, has started home- schooling Kindergarten and Natalie is doing well.
Then there is our health. Near the end of Sept., Jim was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. Then Marie got bronchitis. Recovery was taking a long time. Sunday night, Nov. 6,  Jim went to ER again, and they said pneumonia. Jim couldn’t breathe, sleep and had hard anxiety. Then Nov. 9, Jim went back to ER again with same problems. More tests and meds. We’re both weary.

“Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise;
Be thankful unto Him, and bless His Name.”
Psalms 100:4,5a

We wish you and yours, a Happy Thanksgiving and many Blessings from our Lord.

In Christ’s unfailing Love,
Jim and Marie Chase 201 W Johnson Rd.
C.B.M.  Missionaries, Retired Scottville, MI            PH; 231-757-2518


Chase Prayer/Report Letter – September 2016

Dear Friends,
To pick up our letter on Faith Baptist Church’s web page. (Benzonia, MI), go to  If this works out, we plan to send our next letter so it’s available beginning November 15, 2016.
This summer Jim built a fire pit in our backyard for fun times. He went fishing in our area just a few times. If our nice weather continues, he may go again!
Daughter Sue (Colorado) and granddaughter Amy and Josh (Grand Rapids, MI) were here for a few days. Sue creates beautiful jewelry and comes to the Ludington Craft Show.
Marie’s sister and husband (Florida) and their great granddaughter stopped by for a brief visit. Also a Missionary Builder wife and the Continental Baptist Missions accountant (Rockford, MI) visited us. What a happy surprise! Shawn from CBM office said she wanted to visit all “her” retirees that she could get to. They brought some humongous cookies for both of us and homemade bookmarks. They were such a blessing to our hearts.

PRAISES: - Our great grandchildren, Ellie and Alex Wyse, (Colorado) each had broken bones that healed quickly, no surgeries! So thankful.
-Marie’s been sick for a month with sinus infection, ENOUGH! She’s feeling a lot better now. No trips this year, just medical visits here and there for both of us.
-Jim did it again! This time he fell over a garden hose and hurt his ribs again. He tripped while on the cement patio and then made a lunge for the softer lawn. The ribs are slowly feeling better. He does know how to fall, :) Practice, practice, practice!  

PLEASE PRAY: - Our church is looking for the Lord’s leading concerning the need for more auditorium space and fellowship room.
-Gr. Grand niece, Natalie (4 yrs.) seemed healed from the tumors in her head….seemed gone. After all the chemo, sadly the tumors came back in a place where surgery is not an option. The doctors say to try chemo at home until March with a visit once every month to the hospital at Grand Rapids for tests and a dose of very strong chemo. Please pray for healing.

“God is light, But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, His son, cleanseth us from all sin,”  1John 1:5b, 7

With Love. In Christ Jesus                                         PH: 231-757-2518
Jim and Marie Chase                                                  201 W Johnson Rd – Scottville MI 49454