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August 1978 Wasson family moved to Beulah and started building a house December 1978 First organizational meeting was held
February 4, 1979 First services were held
October 1979 First missionary support of $10.00 monthly to Continental Baptist Missions home office.
October 28, 1979 The Confession of Faith was unanimously accepted. Work soon began on writing a Constitution and By-Laws. When completed copies were sent to the Pastors of supporting Churches and Pastor friends asking for their crit.que. Many useful suggestions were incorporated in the finished product. On March 27, 1987 a group of believers organized into a local New Testament Baptist Church, to be known as Faith Baptist Church of Benzonia, MI. Pastor Wasson was called to be the first pastor.
(Now we are ahead of the story!)
June 1980 First missionary family support for Mike and Elva Farrell on deputation for the field of France with Baptist Mid-Missions.
Summer 1980 First VBS and Teen Time with a youth group from Brookfield, IL (Chicago area) helping. The youth group would arrive on Thursday, canvas the area on Friday and Saturday passing out flyers and looking for kids for VBS. On Sunday they would have part in the services and Monday through Friday VBS would be in the morning and Teen Time would be in the afternoon and evening. The teens would return home on Saturday after a very busy ten days.
August 1980 Church purchased property on Highway 31, North of Beulah for $41,000 with $8,000 down and a Land Contract for $33,000. Then $5,305.23 worth of improvements were made.
Fall 1980 PROJECT FAITH was launched to receive gifts for a building fund. The Church promised that for every dollar given from outside the Beulah area an equal amount would be repaid to the Revolving Loan Building Fund
of Continental Baptist Missions after any commercial loans were paid.
Summer 1981 VBS and Teen time with a group from Adrian, MI August .198 1 A second missionary family was added
Summer 1982 VBS and Teen Time with a group from Columbus, OH (Church where Dan attended while in college).
Summer 1983 VBS and Teen Time with a group from Joilet, IL (same youth leaders that were with the Adrian group.)
March 27, 1984 Land Contract was paid in full in 3 years 7 months with
an average monthly payment of $943.70!! Now it was time to save for a full church building!!
September 1984 Missionary builder Dan Jeffrey family added to missionary, budget. They are with Continental Baptist Missions
December 1984 Missionaries Jim and Rosie Johnson were added to missionary budget. They were heading to the Central Africa Republic with Baptist Mid-Missions.
.1985 - 1986 witnessed many discussions about a new church building. When the topographical plan was reviewed the church felt it was best to consider another piece of property.
December 1986 Church purchased the current property of 15.7 acres in Benzonia. The asking price was $59,500 and was purchased for $32,000 cash.

            HISTORICAL SKETCH         pg 2
March 27, 1987 Organized local New Testament Baptist Church.
April 14, 1987 A Recognition Council convened to examine the Constitution, By-Laws and Doctrinal Statement to see if this was truly, a New Testament Baptist Church.
April 1987 Plans were well underway for a new church building. July 1987 Ground was broken and construction began
September 1987 The old church property was sold with the new owners giving permission to use it until February 1988.
February 1988 First service was held in the new Church Fellowship hail. Summer 1988 VBS and Teen time with a group from Elyria, OH
December 1988 First service was held in the Auditorium for the Christmas program
June 1989 Missionary builders Budd and Shirley Norman were added to, missionary budget.            .           . .
Summer 1989 VBS and Teen Time with a group from Ypsilanti, MI
Summer 1990 .VBS and Teen Time with a group from Nanette, Mi with our young people helping them.
October 1990 Missionaries Don and JoAnn Dove were added to the missionary budget.
October 1990 Church bought new hymnals.
1st Quarter 1991 Honor Bank loan was paid in full.
2nd Quarter 1993 Revolving Loan Building Fund loan was paid in full to Continental Baptist Missions.
August 1993 PROJECT FAITH gifts of $6,384.06.was paid to the Revolving Loan Building Fund of Continental Baptist Missions.
Cost of building: $132,999.92           By the time the building was completed,
Cost of property:        32,000.00        December 1988, about $125,000.00 had
Interest on loans:        6,649.02          been paid in cash.
Total cost        $171,648.94

Many thanks to our CBM builders who worked on this project.
Steve Spaulding, lead builder            Mens groups from Lapeer and Portage, MI
Jim Chase
Arley Todd     Youth group from Hastings, MI
Pete Ringleberg          .           Many, many volunteers from far and near.
Dan Jeffrey     .
Fred Kreiser
Bernie & Doris Bishop
Budd & Shirley Norman


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