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Ken's Gebet Aufforderungen

(Ken's prayer requests)


Faith Baptist Church

Benzonia, Michigan

Faith Baptist Church is very pleased to be a part of Ken and Jinner's ministry. As the sending church we are very excited and prayerfully looking forward to see what God will do. Pray with us that God will move powerfully in these last days.

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Ken's 2009 European Speaking Schedule

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10 Steps of Prayer for Ken Rudolph Ministries
Written February 25,2009
1.  Pray for God's leading concerning partnering with ABWE.
2.  Pray for our schedule to be filled in the fall with the right churches and schools. I have three weeks filled already in Hungary, Romania and Portugal. There are opportunities in Germany and Austria that are pending.
3.  Pray for some key contacts with individuals that have the means to build multiple church sites. These meetings may happen in the near future. I have been promised introductions to these individuals or have already talked to others that have expressed interest in church planting in Germany.
4.  Pray for 20 supporting churches and 10 individuals that will take on our support. I have six churches that have expressed interest and three individuals that have promised support (all without asking). Pray that when we start asking specifically that God will fill our cup quickly.
5.  Pray for the training center of the Baptist Church in Kusel, Germany to be bought and built quickly. This will be our center of church planting and training in Germany. The church has already voted to buy the property and build the new building. Pray that GOD will show Himself great that the world will know that it is a work of God and not the feeble struggles of man (like Joshua crossing the Jordan).
6.  Pray that the Baptist Church of Manheim, Germany can pay off their mortgage so that they can afford a pastors salary. Their present pastor is an American missionary Rod Kidd who has built the church congregation to 150 members, but would like to start another church plant. He cannot because the church is strapped with a huge mortgage. Help me (Ken Rudolph) to find a donor to deliver this congregation from the bondage of this mortgage so that new churches can be started and a German pastor can lead. They already have someone that is trained and ready. It is just impossible to pay a salary at this time.
7.   Pray for a Christian foundation(that has already been established) to see the need of church planting in Germany to invest in the projects that would speed church planting on its way. I am not at liberty to give the name of the foundation, but have close contacts with its board of directors.
8.  Pray for recruits for the ministry of church planting in Germany. I know of two that have committed to this work, but I am asking for five by the end of December.
9.  Pray for intern opportunities to be funded so that individuals can experience the ministry of church planting in Germany before full commitment is given.
10. Pray for the recruits to be at full support in one years time. We must speed up the process. Jesus is coming soon!