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Our FIRST group mission trip(with more to come)


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December 16, 2011

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November 16, 2011

Hi, Precious Prayer Warriors!

Jinner and I want to thank you from the depths of our hearts for your faithful prayers while we were in Europe and also as we return to the good ole' United States. It's good to be home but our hearts are still invested deeply in many countries in Europe that need the gospel. It was touching how many of the wonderful believers in those countries asked us to come and live in their country to spread the gospel. I want to live everywhere! But I can't so we have to recruit many to be missionaries in those countries that need help. That is what the Lord keeps reminding me about - I have to multiply myself through recruitment. Are YOU ready?

Well, first I have to thank you for your prayers for Michael Landoll and his operation. Michael is the pastor in Kusel, Germany that we are working closely with to plant new churches in Germany. He also has a tremendous ministry of discipling interns there in Germany. Over 50 young men and women have gone through the internship program there in Kusel. You can see how key this ministry is for recruitment to missions. So thank you so much for raising Michael up in your prayers. He seems to have come through this time, though in much pain, with a good recovery from this super intrusive surgery. The Lord has been gracious to raise him up to continue his ministry. Keep praying though because there is about an eight week time of recovery.

Michael is at HOME now...Praise the Lord!!!!! And pray for his roommate that he met in the hospital that he would continue to be able to build a relationship and share about the salvation we can have through Christ.

To keep you up on our trip to Europe we had last sent out our prayer letter just before our last week of ministry before we would be leaving. Our last week of ministry was an English Camp in Hagen, Germany at Camp Ahorn. What a blessing! (attached is a picture of the group) There were about 60 of us in all and we had a great time. The believers in Hagen had been praying for 20 years for an American speaker to do an English Camp. Guess what? I am an American, I speak English and I do camps! This ministry was tailored just for us. The Lord gave us great confirmation that we are doing what He has designed for us.

Last spring I took three Lake Ann interns to Hagen, Germany where we hammered out the details of our English Camp at Camp Ahorn (Ahorn means maple leaf). We spent four days sharing the Lake Ann Camp philosophy and pattern of camping ministry. Our German partners worked so hard and diligently to make it all come together when we arrived for camp this fall. It worked fabulously! Jinner and I also were able to bring with us two past interns from Lake Ann Camp, Tyler and Sarah Anderson, who helped with the facilitating of the group initiatives. Tyler and Sarah did a super job and the campers really loved them. It was a great week of camp. We saw at least three young people get saved and many more expressed their growth spiritually from this week of camp. I spoke ten times and loved every minute of my time with these hungry campers (hungry for the truth as well as food). By the way, the food was terrific and the directors of the camp, Herald and Angela, hosted us with the greatest of care and love. I could go on and on but this letter would be too long! The campers voted to do it again next year and said they would all bring a friend so we are ready for next year also.

At the end of the week of English Camp Jinner, Tyler, Sarah and I all traveled to Kusel, Germany to visit with Michael and Li Landoll. We were there for two days to encourage Michael and his family before his surgery and to speak a few times. I addressed the leadership team at the church in Kusel and then on Sunday I spoke at a church in Kaiserslauten that fellowships with Michael's church. We had a fun time together and had a time of prayer one evening with Michael and his family. It was so good to see that the operation has been successful and so far with no infection. Prayer works!!!!

The next day we traveled to Frankfurt and were on our way home. It was a full six weeks but six weeks full of blessing. I spoke about 38 times but I would not have it any other way. I love to preach! Know that your prayers were all a part of the spiritual success in the lives of hundreds of Europeans. You all have a part in our ministry and it will be credited to your account in heaven for the glory of the Lord! Thanks again for all of your support financially and in prayers. We love you all and are yoked together with you and Jesus for this great work in Europe.

Yours in Christ,

Ken and Jinner Rudolph

Psalm 71:17-18

Our Schedule for:

16-18-ABWE-We are completing a class there
20-Maranatha Baptist Church in Sebring FL

27-visiting churches in FL

2-4-ABWE-Student Missions Forum.
6-8-BBC and BBS chapels

10-11-Grace Baptist Church in Saginaw, MI

When I get home I will be preparing my sermons for Freeze Out 2012 at Lake Ann Camp :-)



November 14, 2011

Thanks for your continued prayers for Michael. God bless, Ken and Jinner

This note from Michael was written on Sunday:

Dear Friends,
Today is a very good day. Last night I was able to sleep. Nearly no pain. My whole digestive system works normal again. the last tube is out. Tomorrow I will have one more ultrasound. If everything is fine. I can go home Tuesday!!!!!!!! I am happy & thankful.
Now everything needs to heal. The net is 36 times attached and has to grow together with the abdominal wall. Eight weeks I have to rest and I have to wear a corset.
Thank you for all your prayers. My roommate is opening up more and more. last night he asked me to pray again. He has never experienced something like personal prayer. It is strange for him and at the same time it attracts him. I think our conversion will continue after our time in the hospital. God has to touch his heart.



Here is the latest update from Michael..

Dear friends, thank you so much for your prayers. It is a great encouragement for us.

Yesterday during the day I had some major problem with my bowls and finally today the bowls started to work. I was very tired but for the first time without too much pain. I was able to eat something without feeling nausea. everything starts slowing getting in place again. the doctor took some more tubes out of my body. so I only have one more left. today I felt much better. this was the best day. all day long the pain was mild, I was able to eat and rest.

li was with me all afternoon. she also is very happy to see the difference from yesterday. the pain medicine will be readjusted tomorrow. It feels like the first shaft of that sunlight. I can not express how much all your prayers mean to me/us. We praise our savior for his people! THANK YOU for your faithfulness in prayer.

my roommate is still with me. he had his surgery and will leave Monday or Tuesday. we still talk, he is asking good questions about life and tries to reevaluate his life. PRAY!



November 10, 2011

Hello everyone,

Here is an update from Michael Landoll himself

Day 1 after surgery

dear Friends, the doctor did the big surgery. there where to many adhesions. so they had to open me up completely. the net is before the intestine. I still have four tubes sticking out of my body for the fluid and the blood. I get a lot of pain medicine. but still have some pain. the nights are always a problem. I want to sleep but....
walking is a problem I move very slow and it hurts very much. tomorrow I will have ultrasound, checking the fluid in my body. thank you all for your prayers for us. we are privileged to have so many friends praying and caring for us. THANK YOU

Day 2 after surgery

dear friends, thank you for your payers. they mean a lot to me. last night was terrible again. I got a sleeping pill but from 3 am the night was over. I had massive abdominal pain.
I prayed, wept and tried to make it through the night. today I talk with the doctor and they will put me on a medication that has some morphine in it. they hope that this will help me with the pain. I have not thought that this surgery would be so hard. but actually it is the same procedure than the on in January. except I don't have a infection and no pneumonia. i had a good talk with my roommate.he is in his mid fifties. business men, and agnostic. we both talked for a long time last night, it was very personal and I offered to prayed for him. he said yes. and we both with tears in our eyes went to bed. at this moment he has his surgery, also a very dangerous one. pray for him. god even works through our weakness. and he blesses us with his peace..............

Richard Rudolph



November 7, 2011

Michael had the more extensive surgery...please pray for healing and no infection...

Thanks for your continued prayers and I will send any updates that I receive!

This email was just sent to us


Ken and Jinner

Michael is awake!
The surgery was 3 hours longer than planned, but now he is awake and can speak a bit.
His stomach hurts a lot and he is very tired.
The doctors did probably the bigger surgery of the two options...We don't know yet and we have to wait for the doctors.
Thank you for your prayer!

The Landoll Family



November 5, 2011

Dear Prayer Partners,

It was a long six weeks of ministry in Europe but Jinner and I really loved every minute of it. It's good to be home. I will write more next week about all of the opportunities we had to serve the Lord during the last two weeks we were there. This prayer bulletin is for immediate prayer for our ABWE collegue in Kusel, Germany, Michael Landoll. Michael is a national German pastor that we work closely with. I am sure most of you know of our work with him and the church in Kusel.

Jinner and I were just with Michael Landoll and his wife Li for the last two days of our journey in Germany before we returned home. Michael had a life saving operation in January 2011 for a ruptured appendix. He almost died. The Lord spared his life and Michael had a long road of recovery. Complications from the first surgery have surfaced and so a second surgery must follow. This will be a very complicated surgery which will take place this Monday, November 7 so we need your prayers.

The work in Kusel is a strategic center for future church planting in Southwest Germany and Michael is the lead person in these efforts. We need to pray for skill and wisdom for the doctors that they would perform an excellent surgery that would solve the present problem.

Below is a letter from Michael Landoll and his family to his prayer partners and I wanted to send this portion to you. It will give you more insight into the need for the surgery and a greater understanding for you all to pray much for them all this weekend. Thank you so much for your faithfulness and your heart to pray. There is much to do in Germany and all over Europe for the Lord's work and we need Michael in such a great way. So pray, pray, pray for God's will to be done. Ask, seek and knock as Luke 11 says!

Yours in Christ,

Ken and Jinner Rudolph


Dear Prayer Partners,
I am sending this prayer update to advise you of our prayer needs for the moment.

We thank God for you. It is encouraging to know that so many of you are praying for us.

Everything went well yesterday as I had my last appointment and interview with the Doctor. My surgery is scheduled for this coming Monday at 8:30 AM. We will be leaving our house Monday at 5 AM for the drive to Mainz to the hospital for our 7 AM appointment.

I will be trying to get as much office work done as possible in the remaining three days. I don't know how long I will have to stay in the hospital. However, if there are no complications with the surgery, I should be released in 5 to 8 days. Then, for about 6 to 8 weeks, I have to take everything very easy. No lifting etc..

Please pray that the surgeons don't have to open the entire 11 inch long incision from the prior surgery site and that I won't have so many adhesions following this surgery. Please pray also for Li and the kids.

Every day is a challenge - but we know God is in control of our lives and our ministry.

Thank You Again For Your Prayers and Your Support,

Michael & Family



October 22, 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

In 2004 the Lord gave Jinner and me our first invitation to Europe. We met a couple from Austria at a conference in Bermuda. They said if we were ever in Europe to come and visit them. I thought at the time that the chances of ever going to Europe were slim to nil. Little did I know that this would the first leading of the Lord to bring us to Europe. After another invitation to do a conference in Holland we decided to visit our new friends in Austria.

That first visit to Austria gave us a burden for that country and some close life long friends in the Lord. Well, we just finished last week another visit to our friends in Vienna and ministry in their church in Liesing, Austria. We also had the joy of meeting with the camp directors of the Vienna camp who had visited Lake Ann Camp this summer.

What a wonderful time we had in the Lord as our friends refreshed us greatly with their love and fellowship. We even had a day to climb in the Austrian Alps. The last morning there we woke to three inches of fresh snow in the mountains. It was beautiful! We thank the Lord for His beauty in nature and in Himself through His people.

Today we are in Hagen, Germany starting the first day of an English Camp at a camp called Ahorn. Please pray for us as we spend a week with 50 teens at this camp. I will be able to speak in English and I will be speaking 10 times. So pray, pray, pray! We need your prayers so much to reach these German teens for Christ. God bless you all.

Then next Friday we will go to Kusel, Germany for the weekend before we fly home.

To God be the glory,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
Psalm 71:17, 18


Rudolph prayer letter October 2011

Hello from Europe to all of our Prayer Partners,

I never thought of going to Europe as being taken out of my comfort zone, but I can see the Lord stretching me over and over again as Jinner and I get a taste and feel for European cultures. I have made a staple of my preaching to young people over the years to rejoice in their sufferings (Romans 5:3) and the Lord is making me live it all over again. I am reestablishing old truths into my life through new trials. I have taken a fresh look through the Holy Spirit of James 1:2 and Romans 5:3, this time really emphasizing the perseverance principle. I’m learning that trials take time to overcome and not to worry if you are a slow learner. God is patient to help me find the character or wisdom that I lack if I will only persevere!

Jinner and I landed in Frankfurt just two weeks ago and have participated in four ministries. Frankfurt was just a stopping place to go straight to Hungary where we participated in the Association of Christian Schools International Student Leadership Conference for Europe. It was held in an old communist youth camp in Budapest, Hungary. There were about 265 students from 14 countries and 37 Christian high schools. It was good to see old friends we had met at this conference before. We spoke there in 2005, 2007, and 2009. What a blessing to see how these students come to grow in the Lord. Some even get saved. It is an effective way to touch the lives of many teens from many European nations. Jinner and I both got to present workshops to teens and sponsors. The super exciting thing for me is that they asked me to come back next year to be the keynote speaker!

While we were in Hungary we stayed with ABWE missionaries and one night got to meet with the whole ABWE regional and Hungarian field teams. It’s a blessing to see the faithfulness of our fellow colleagues as they minister for the Lord in Hungary. They even let us borrow the team car and what an experience it is to drive through the back streets of Budapest with a GPS that asks you if you are willing to take dirt roads. I want to warn you – just say NO!!

After our ministry in Hungary we flew to Berlin, Germany to do a family retreat with our precious friends from Crossway International Baptist Church. We almost feel like they are our home church away from home. This was the first church I ever spoke in during our first trip to Europe in 2004. This church had a lot to do with our call to Europe as well as our son Richard and his call to missions in Germany. Anyways, we went to a camp for three days and I preached four times. It was a time where I felt the power of God helping me to preach with energy and conviction to these sweet families. Then we drove back to Berlin on Sunday and I spoke at the church building in the afternoon. I love this church so much and they are growing in numbers as well as in the Lord.

Our time at Crossway was too short but we were again on our way Monday morning to Holland. We flew to Amsterdam and then drove to Rotterdam. Tuesday I had the privilege of speaking at Wartburg College (which is really a high school). They have an attendance of 1700 students and I spoke to five Bible classes that day. Whew! I don’t think I have ever spoken that many times in one day before. The students had heard me two years earlier at the ACSI conference in Budapest, Hungary and had invited me to come to their school. I loved it! What a precious student body and wonderful teachers and administrators who want to reach Holland for Jesus Christ. It was so encouraging.

From Amsterdam we flew on Thursday to Rome, Italy. Fred Whitman picked us up with one of the members of his church and we drove two hours to Perugia, Italy where Fred and his wife Rachel have been serving for 40 years!! Their faithfulness has resulted in a church that is growing (about 150 in attendance) and a television and radio station that they own and operate. They have reached millions of people through the television and radio ministry. All four of their children are married and have returned to Italy to serve the Lord. It is a wonderful thing to see.

In Perugia, Italy we had a youth conference just for the young people of Central Evangelical Baptist Church. We had a session Friday night and then three more on Saturday. One of the sessions on Saturday was split and Jinner took the girls and I took the boys to talk to them about moral purity. One of the “cool” things we did on Saturday afternoon was to go to the city of Assisi (known for Francis of Assisi) and did a prayer walk. This city is a place famous for pilgrimages to ask Francisco for a miracle, or healing, or help, or answered prayer. We walked through the city and stopped to pray about five times as a group that these people would find the True Intercessor, Jesus Christ, to answer their prayers and to save them. It was sad to see the worship of man rather than the worship of Jesus Christ. We ended the prayer walk by singing in public, “Jesus, We Worship You Alone.” During testimonies on Sunday the young people said that the prayer walk in Assisi really impacted them to reach Italy for Christ. I have attached a picture of the young people praying in the city of Assisi. I also preached in Perugia on Sunday and enjoyed fellowship with the church as I had spoken here last year also.

It is Monday evening and Jinner and I are in a hotel in Rome. Fred Whitman is going to take us to see the Sistine Chapel tomorrow as well as the place where Apostle Paul was in jail. Then on Wednesday we fly to Romania for another youth conference. Please continue to pray for us as we have about three more weeks of ministry to fulfill here in Europe. We are healthy and my back is doing very well at present!

Jinner and I are continually struck with the need for the gospel in Europe. It is the new Dark Continent. We praise the Lord that we see many stepping up to take the gospel to a place where many mission movements were started many years ago. Please pray for two lay families that have moved to Europe to help seed churches with believers and to help plant churches in Europe. These families feel called by the Lord to do this in the name of Jesus and for His church. Pray especially for their housing needs and the adjustment for their families. They are working secular jobs but they are worshipping the Lord through their work!

Our October Schedule

October 5-9-Bucharest, Romania

October 10-16-Vienna, Austria

October 21-28-Hagen, Germany

October 28-30-Kusel, Germany

Yours in Christ,

Ken and Jinner Rudolph

Psalms 71:17-18



September 19, 2011

Dear Prayer Partners,

Today Jinner and I leave for Europe for five and a half weeks. Do we ever need your prayers!! I am excited about the many conferences, churches and camp at which I will be speaking, but I have been going constantly after our summer at Lake Ann Camp.

After camp season I had a good week of vacation, then back on a plane to Europe where I spoke at one week of camp in Romania and then a week in Germany making many contacts for our ministry there. The camp in Romania was a great blessing. It was thrilling to see two young ladies who were saved last year at the same camp that were back as assistant counselors. It is so satisfying to see those that had accepted Christ last year walking steadfastly with the Lord today. We had many unsaved at the camp this year. Over half of the campers were unsaved and we saw some saved and many others truly interested in knowing Jesus Christ. It was great to work with Andrew Postema an ABWE missionary who has led the camp team of missionaries and Romanian brothers in running seven camps so successfully.

After Romania I spent a week in Germany. I was able to meet with six different people that have been, are or will be instrumental in growing the church planting efforts from Kusel, Germany. Of course, I spent the week with Pastor Michael Landoll the pastor of the church in Kusel. We were able to have a meeting with the ABWE regional director of Western Europe and to strategize with him how we are going to complete the new church building and training center in Kusel. Then we met with a layman from America who has been transferred to Germany by his company and has a great burden to help the Kusel team in planting churches. It was also a great pleasure to meet with someone who can help us to find employment for our interns that will be coming to Kusel in the future. It was a blessing to accomplish so much in just one week. Please pray as we continue to raise funds for the church building in Kusel, Germany.

Another one of the prayers you can join us with for the Kusel team is to pray for Michael Landoll. If you remember last January that Michael had a ruptured appendix that almost took his life. The Lord was gracious to spare his life but there has been some complications from the surgery that will require another major, major surgery. The last surgery and near death experience was so traumatic for the Landoll family and especially Michael. It is very hard on Michael emotionally to go through another super intrusive surgery. In short, the Landolls need your prayers. This surgery could take Michael out of ministry for a long time and this would be another set back to the church planting in Germany. So please pray for all of the "stuff" that is going on in all of our lives.

After I got home from Germany and Romania I was quite tired and only after a few days headed to Harrisburg for a meeting at ABWE. When the plane was half way there we were turned around to go back to Charlotte because of flooding in Harrisburg. Two days later I had to head to Philadelphia for a mens retreat at High Point Camp. It was great to minister to these men but I was a bit weary. Then it was off to Lake Ann Camp in Michigan for a ladies retreat. Yes, I do ladies retreats. I don't know why but Lake Ann keeps asking me to do ladies retreats for them. So, I just got home from that on Saturday and I am typing this report up on Sunday and Jinner and I leave today. Yes, it is a crazy schedule but I love it! I love serving the Lord and it is a labor of love. Pray for us.

This fall our trip to Europe will include six different countries. We will be ministering in three venues of ministry in Germany and then also in Hungary, Romania, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands. It is a privilege to serve the Lord anywhere but we are thankful that the Lord has called us to help in Europe to spread the gospel. We will be challenging many young people to follow Christ. We will be speaking in many churches and a few schools. We appreciate all of your prayers and your love as we know so many of you follow our ministry closely. God bless you all as you serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Ken and Jinner Rudolph

Psalms 71:17-18

19-fly to Frankfurt
20-22-Budapest, Hungary- ACSI Student Leadership Conference-We will both be presenting 2 workshops
23-25-Berlin, Germany-Church Retreat with Crossway Baptist Church
26-28-Rotterdam, Netherlands-Wartburg College (which is a large ACSI Christian high school)
29-October 4-Perugia, Italy- Youth Conference with Fred Whitman

OUR OCTOBER schedule we will send in our next letter!



August 22, 2011

Hi, our Dear Praying Friends,
Well, after a very enjoyable week of family vacation I am ready to sit down and tell you all about our great summer at Lake Ann Camp.  As most of you know I am the Sr. High Speaker for 7 of the 8 Senior High weeks of camp.  It is quite a privilege to speak to teenagers all summer challenging them for salvation in Christ or to get right with God and also to inspire this generation to reach their world for Jesus Christ!

This year at Lake Ann Camp we had a total of 1062 senior high campers.  Wow, what an awesome responsibility and privilege to influence this many teens to follow Christ!  On Friday evenings I also had the opportunity to preach to a combined group of all the middle and high school students to challenge them to go home and remain faithful to the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit.  If you count all the other programs that sat under my preaching, I spoke to 2,381 young people this summer.  God is doing great things at Lake Ann Camp for which we thank Him and to be able to influence this many young people for missions and just plain service with their lives we feel very humbled to be a part of this.  The total number of campers this year at Lake Ann Camp counting all six programs was 3,063. Of that number 283 made decisions to accept Jesus as their Savior!!!!  I don’t know of a better place to spend my summers than in a ministry that is dedicated to reaching the next generation to be world-changers for Jesus Christ.  I have heard of a statistic that 85% of all full time Christian workers were influenced at a camp setting.  That is why I dedicate my summers to camp ministry.  (The picture above is from a friend’s i phone during a special time of prayer that I had with a group of boys after he preached on Friday night)
During week seven of camp this summer my parents called me and I could detect sorrow in their voices.  I braced myself for bad news as they told the story of one of my cousins, Bryan, had had a heart attack on his farm and was with the Lord.  It didn’t seem real.  He was a picture of health and worked so hard all of his life.  Bryan was one of my boyhood pals on the farm.  The Rudolph family is really close and every April all the first cousins get together so that we will not lose touch with one another.  Now Bryan was gone, and it hit me so hard.  He was younger than me and you just think that he will always be around.  But God had different plans for Bryan, and I know that Bryan was saved so I have great comfort that he is with the Lord Jesus right now.
The Lord worked it out that I could drive home to western New York State so that I could attend Bryan’s funeral.  So Friday night after the final chapel at Lake Ann Camp, I drove through the night to be at the funeral Saturday morning.  It was an awesome funeral that lasted over two hours as people gave testimony of Bryan’s impact in their lives.  He lived out his testimony for Christ in ways I had never known but it was so sweet to hear of the wonderful life Bryan lived to love his family and to help others.  I tell you about this event because it hit me so hard emotionally and physically.
I drove back to camp on Monday and spoke that night for chapel.  It was the hardest week of camp all summer.  Jinner had flown home to help baby sit some of the grandchildren and so I was alone for that last week.  I had lost one of the closest cousins leaving me exhausted in every way.  Though I had no strength of my own, I saw God give me some of the most powerful messages of the summer.  It was God!!  He carried me when I had nothing left.  I knew it was the Lord because I could hardly pray and read Scripture with any passion but when I got up to preach it was so much of the Spirit speaking and not myself.  Great things happened in the lives of the campers and counselors.  I saw counselors going forward for mission service.  It was just a great week and a great way to end the summer, but I still hurt for Bryan and his family.  Would you pray for his family as they deal with running a farm without him and wisdom for a family without their daddy and husband?
Right now I am in Romania for a week of Senior High camp and then to a meeting in Kusel, Germany before I return home on Sept 3.  In Romania I will be working with Andrew Postema of ABWE who is running a camping ministry all over Romania.  He directs about 7 camps each summer with a Romanian team that does a colossal job. I was with them last summer and am excited to be with them this year too.  So pray for me.  I am still a bit tired and my back is doing well but needs constant attention managing its health through exercise and nine hour plane rides don’t help it much. So pray hard for me that I will be God’s instrument to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the teens in Romania.   

Ken and Jinner
Psalms 71:17, 18

PS.  A special thanks to all of you who sent notes and pictures for Ken's 60th birthday book that our children gave him on vacation!!  Of course, the notes brought tears and laughter!   - Jinner

PSS. A picture of Ken as Superman during Fight Night this summer!!!



July 5, 2011

Excited hellos from Ken and Jinner,

Wow! The summer at Lake Ann Camp has gotten off to a great Spirit blessed start. We have seen many saved in the Senior High Program and with the other five program total we have had over 85 campers saved just in the first three weeks. On Friday nights at Lake Ann the chapel’s alter is packed with campers that want to give their lives completely to the Lord. The Lord has certainly blessed us with a great ministry with young people so keep praying.

This past week at Lake Ann Camp we had the privilege of having camp workers and a camper from Austria observing and attending. These precious Christians from Austria came from contacts we have had through our ministry there. I am excited about a great partnership between Lake Ann Camp and camp workers, not only from Austria, but from all over Europe. The Lord has been so good to help us connect ministries that can compliment one another. This is the body of Christ working together and is fun to watch. Please pray for Austria as they continue to develop the camping ministry in their country.

This week we are taking a break from Lake Ann Camp to head back to the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism's home office in Harrisburg, PA. to welcome the most recent class of missionary candidates. This is one of our responsibilities with ABWE and we enjoy recruiting and encouraging and training new missionaries to take the gospel around the world. One tremendous blessing for Jinner and me with this class is that our son, Richard, and his wife, Julia, will be candidates in this summer's class. It is so rewarding to see your "kids" longing to be missionaries. Pray for us and the candidates as we encourage this class to go to all the world in the strength of the Lord!!

One great prayer request and need is for the church in Kusel, Germany. I have taken a break from really working hard to raise the funds for the new church building and training center. Well, the Lord has refreshed me to get going again for this urgent need. This will be the epicenter for us in our church planting endeavors in Europe and so we need to get it going. I have talked to Pastor Michael Landoll who is the pastor in Kusel and he said that his people are a bit discouraged because the dream of a new building has been so slow developing. I apologized to him for my laxity in prayer and said I would double my efforts in prayer and in fund raising to see ground breaking this next spring. So please pray for the Kusel church, the Kusel pastor and the Kusel fund raiser (me) that God would move quickly. I am claiming the many appeals in the Psalms for the Lord to "hasten to help me!" Would you pray for the Lord to do a dynamic and immediate work in hearts that could make a difference for those believers in Kusel? I know that many of you have already given and I thank you, but we need to help this church now! Also, please pray for Pastor Landoll because he is still recovering from the ruptured appendix in January and is still not at full strength physically or emotionally. Let us carry him in our prayers. OK?!

Next week Jinner and I will be back at Lake Ann Camp for four final weeks of camp. Yippee!!!! And then after a nice vacation I will be heading to Romania for two weeks of summer camp for teens. I love my job (ministry)!!

So pray for strength of spirit, health (my back, doing well), voice (seems strong), and passion to preach the riches of Christ Jesus (my greatest pleasure).

Thank you for all that you do to uphold our ministry to young people and churches all over the world. We truly need you and love you all.

Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
Psalms 71:17-18 (our new life verses)
PS. We are giving away wristbands in red, yellow, blue, black, green, pink or orange that say WIN EUROPE PRAY KUSEL. The only requirement is that we would like to have the person’s email address so we can keep them updated on the Kusel building project! Let me know if you want me to send you some wristbands.



June 10, 2011

Hi, all of our wonderful prayer partners!

Well, I am catching up on all of our ministry adventures in this letter to you. A lot has transpired in the last weeks that really took a lot out of me, but I have had a few weeks to slow down and I am ready to start a summer of camp ministry here at Lake Ann Camp for seven weeks. I am looking forward to it and ask for your prayers. I know they have carried us through these many years in our ministry and now in our mission call.

Let me just report what has happened in the last few weeks of our travels. Since our last prayer letter right after I got back from Germany, Jinner and I traveled to Indiana for a chapel at Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis and then traveled over to Brownsburg to speak at Bethesda Baptist Church, one of our supporting churches. We were privileged to speak at Bethesda's Mission Conference. Bethesda Baptist was the church that sponsored the "Blowout" youth conference for which I spoke for ten years. This was held at the church and then as it grew was held at Cedarville University. It was great to partner with Bethesda in teen work and now we enjoy our fellowship with them in the work of missions. Thank you, Bethesda Baptist! I also spoke at Bethesda Christian School.

Next, Jinner and I traveled through Ohio to speak at Lake Ann Camp's Couples Retreat. We stopped in Columbus, Ohio to speak at Immanuel Baptist Church on a Wednesday night. Over the years I have had a history of speaking at this church and seeing many of their young people serve the Lord. It was so kind of them to take us on for support when we stepped in missions. Thank you, Immanuel Baptist! You have a place in our hearts with many great memories and more victories for Christ to come.

We arrived at Lake Ann Camp in Lake Ann, Michigan for the couples retreat and had a splendid time. It was thrilling for us to share our ministry of missions with the couples in a power point presentation and also from the Word of God. Jinner and I love to share not only our ministry but the journey of our lives as a couple through the disappointment of expectations lost but then the redemption of a sweet marriage as we grew in the power of Christ. It is hard to share our failures, but exciting to share the healing that can be in a Christian home when we let the Holy Spirit change us through the promises and commands of Scripture. Thank you, Lord, as we just celebrated our 38th anniversary!

We then traveled down state to Oxford, Michigan to speak at River of Life Church. They are a new church plant and after speaking Sunday morning we met with the staff in the evening to share our ministry of missions to Europe with them. They expressed great interest to support us and we thank the Lord for the time with this sweet congregation. On Monday I met with four pastors and some laymen to share a seminar on communicating the word of God. I enjoy sharing what the Lord has taught me on effective communication. I had fun. Thank you, Lord for teaching me how to preach!

Tuesday was a trip to the west side of the state to do another preaching seminar at Standale Baptist Church. Some of our closest friends at Standale painted my tractor for me (a farmall Super A) to ride around camp with in the summer. Some have golf carts; I have a tractor! I taught another preaching seminar for Standale Baptist. We had twelve pastors from the area attend this seminar which trilled my heart. Then in the evening I did a similar workshop for the Sunday school teachers of the church. Thank you, Standale Baptist for all the heart you have shown Jinner and me over the years!

Back to the east side of Michigan on Wednesday I spoke at Calvary Bible Church in Ypsilant. Their youth group has come to Lake Ann over the years and I just love speaking to their young people. I spoke to the youth group that evening about assurance of salvation. Four young people raised their hands as in need of the Savior for which I rejoice. I also able to counsel with a dynamic young man who is so on fire for the Lord and just needed encouragement. Thank you, Lord for letting me work with the next generation that will proclaim Your Name to the world!

Guess what? Then I even got to go to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There is a great church in St. Ignace, Michigan called Glenn Memorial Baptist Church. They also have come to Lake Ann Camp forever and have been a blessing to the camp as well as Jinner and me. Friday evening I spoke at their formal dinner for the teens. This was their twenty-fifth year of doing this and so it was a special celebration. I was so privileged to be there. Friday night was for the teens and Saturday night was for the Junior High kids. Both nights I presented the gospel. Friday evening four raised their hands for salvation and on Saturday evening thirteen raised their hands for salvation. Do you think I have fun serving the Lord? Sunday morning in Sunday school I presented our power point presentation about our mission to Europe and then I preached the Sunday morning service. So many of the men in this church want to go to Germany and help with a missions construction project that I am so "sky high" about. This church has leaders and committed followers that have just encouraged me so much. Thank you, St. Ignace for your heart for missions!

After being home for a few days I had the privilege of doing an evangelistic outreach Sunday at Bridgewater Baptist Church in Montrose, Pennsylvania. This church has grown to about 700 people with an auditorium that seats about 250. So we had to have three services. I was exhausted after preaching three times Sunday morning but I was built up to see all that God is doing there through His Spirit. Thank you, Bridgewater for supporting Jinner and me for our work in missions!

I dragged myself home and traveled the next weekend to Northwest Community Church in Cary, North Carolina. The pastor, Brian Eisner and I have been friends for many years, doing many youth retreats and camps together. This too is a new church plant and it is exciting to see what God is doing there. Jinner and I were able to meet with their leadership team to share our ministry and to see if there is a burden in their hearts to support our mission work. Please pray that the Lord will lead them in the right way. Thank you, Northwest Community for listening to us and considering a partnership with us!

Finally, I was blessed to be able to go two Sundays in a row to Providence Church in Denver, North Carolina which is my home church. J One of the weekends they had a special seminar on praying and meditating on scripture. It was extremely helpful and encouraging. You can listen to the seminar too at I highly recommend it!!! Thank you, Providence Church, for ministering to us and also for partnering financially with Jinner and me.

Also, I wanted to let you know that Michael Landoll, the German pastor, from Kusel, Germany continues to recover from his recent illness and is doing very well. Please continue to pray for the building project in Kusel, Germany.

Well, we just arrived at Lake Ann Camp for the summer yesterday. On our way up we stopped at Grace Baptist Church in Saginaw, MI to hear a report from a friend who had just visited her family in Poland and Germany. She gave her family Bibles and now is waiting to see what God will do! Thank you, Grace Baptist for your financial partnership and encouragement to hear how God works so intimately with each one of us wherever we are in the world!

Pray for strength and wisdom and the right messages that I will preach to the young people this summer. Pray that many will be saved and many called to serve the Lord around the world. Pray for those that will come to camp as Christians yet defeated in their walk with the Lord that they will be invigorated to go on for the Lord. Thank you, Partners for your prayers! You will share in all of the rewards because prayer works!!!!!

Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
II Cor 3:5



April 15, 2011

Dear Praying Partners,

I am BACK from my ten day trip to Germany covering three ministries there to which we are very close.  I feel that it was a good trip and the team of interns from Lake Ann Camp that accompanied me was fabulous in helping me set up our “English Camp” for this fall in Hagen, Germany.  We met with the leadership team in Hagen for four days hammering out our philosophy, schedule, responsibilities and activities for this camp.  We all worked together well and the Lord was with us in many ways to draw us together in the unity of the Spirit and in His direction.  I left feeling very confident that God has His hand upon this endeavor.  Many young people have already signed up for this camp so pray that the Lord will use this opportunity to win many German teens to Christ.  (attached is the picture of us at the camp)
In my last letter I began by asking for prayer for my BACK spasms to cease.  It was a burden that was overwhelming with fear and discouragement.  Well, your prayers flooded the gates of heaven and my BACK and my spirit have improved by the grace of God.  Soon after my last letter I started with physical therapy for my BACK.  The Lord has used this as a means to "manage" this thorn in my flesh.  I am learning how to strengthen my BACK and my core muscles and have not had spasms in three months!  My nine hour trip to Germany did not bother me at all going or coming back.  I have exercises that have helped me but most of all it is the grace of God that has helped me the most.  I know that this weak BACK will always be a part of my spiritual battle to trust in the Lord that when I am weak then am I strong (2 Cor. 12).  I thank you so much for your prayers for my BACK because they have guided me in finding an answer so that I can still travel.
Since our last prayer letter I have spoken in two Christian School spiritual life conferences.  What a blessing both of them were because I could sense a desire in the hearts of these young students to really listen and to strive to draw close to God.  It was a real encouragement to me to see this spirit in these schools.  I really sense something special about this young generation that I haven't seen in a while.  I hope that this generation will be the one to rise up in a great way to take Christ to the world.  That's why I enjoy working with teens!  Pray for our work with young people that it will yield many workers for the church of the future. 
While I traveled to the schools I also spoke in churches and youth rallies in Virginia and Indiana.
I had the privilege in Ohio to speak to an area meeting of the Christian Camping and Conference Association.  It is always fun to speak to fellow camp comrades that have this common bond of camping ministry in their hearts.  We had a good time laughing and being built up spiritually.  I guess it was good enough because they asked me to come BACK next year.
Then in March Jinner and I were involved in a Field Preparation Class for ABWE pre-field missionaries at the headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We now have enough support to be considered "real" missionaries although we have been doing our work for about two years.  ABWE has many great classes to prepare one for the mission field and we have a few classes yet to take.  With our schedule it is hard to fit them all in but we have them scheduled and look forward to completing our education on practical missions.  I also participated at this time in March with a new candidate class for ABWE.  This is part of my job being on the mobilization team of ABWE.  It's always great to be BACK at the headquarters of the greatest mission agency in the world (I am a little prejudice).
After all the business at ABWE it was off to GermanyAs I said it was so good to get the camp in Hagen all set for this fall.  I had three interns from Lake Ann Camp with me (and one took his wife along).  Their training at Lake Ann was so helpful in planning this camp.  I want to thank Lake Ann for letting them come with me.  I don't know what I would have done without their help and expertise.  I also spoke at the church in Hagen on Sunday morning and to the teens at night
We also traveled to Berlin to speak at a teen outreach.  We took  a day to tour the great city of Berlin.  It is a city that is sophisticated, but without Jesus.  Pray for Crossway Baptist Church as they try to reach this dark place
We closed our trip by visiting the church in Kusel.  I spoke there Sunday morning and shared my burden with them of trying to raise money for their new building there in Kusel.  I love those people and am very close to the pastor Michael Landoll.  He is the pastor that we asked you all to pray for so diligently because of a ruptured appendix.  He almost died but your prayers and the prayers of thousands of people around the world implored the throne of heaven to save him.  God spared him and he is almost back to perfect health.  There are still some spots on his lungs that cause congestion but Michael will begin his pastoral duties once again very soon.  It was good to see him and to spend time in his home with his family.  Michael also got to spend much time with the interns sharing wisdom of ministering cross-culturally.
Your prayers for Michael Landoll, my BACK and Jinner's and my support (which is around 95%) have all been answered.   We treasure your watchcare over usKeep praying.  There are some opportunities on the horizon for donations for the Kusel Project (building a training center and church in Kusel, Germany).  Jinner and I also have a heavy schedule coming up so BACK us up in prayer and watch our BACKS spiritually speakingWe love you all and thank you for your partnership with us in taking the message of Christ all over the world!
Please pray for our travel ministry:
15-Heritage Christian School in Indianapolis, IN
15-17-Bethesda Baptist Church in Brownsburg, IN
18-Bethesda Christian School
24-Have a blessed Easter
27-Immanuel Baptist Church in Columbus, OH
28-30-Couples Retreat at Lake Ann Camp, MI
1-River of Life Church in Oxford, MI
2-Preaching Seminar at River of Life in Oxford, MI
3-Preaching Seminar at Standale Baptist Church in Standale, MI
4-Calvary Bible Church in Ypsilanti, MI
6-8-Tentative church invitation
14-Tentative youth event in PA
15-Bridgewater Church in Montrose, PA
22-Northwest Community Church in Cary, NC
 Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
2 Corinthians 12


February 3, 2011

Dear Ministry Friends,

This has been one of the most exciting times of my life in ministry, but also one of the most difficult times of my life.  The Lord has a way of tempering our spirit from becoming proud and for building our faith to a mature level (1 Peter 1:3-10).  One of the hardest things we have had to endure was the near loss of our ministry leader Michael Landoll in Kusel, Germany.  He suffered a burst appendix and his whole body system was poisoned for two days before exploratory surgery revealed what had happened.  If the doctor had waited a few more hours Michael would be with the Lord at this very moment, but praise the Lord for His providence that the doctor said he could not sleep well and neither would Michael if he did not take a look inside - thus, Michael is alive.  During the immediate days after the surgery it was touch and go whether Michael would survive, but you all were praying and the Lord saved his life.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR PRAYING.  I believe that the Lord used your prayers and thousands more around the world to spare Michael's life.  I don't know what we would have done if we had lost Michael as his leadership is so key to much of our work in Germany and Western Europe.  Thank you, Lord for your great kindness and mercy and grace!
On top of the crisis with Michael in Kusel, I have been bothered by back spasms especially in December and early January.  It is very difficult to travel with the constant threat of back spasms on airplanes, in airports, in the car or in a motel.  I was getting panic attacks just thinking about the possibility of spasms.  I was "walking on eggshells" waiting for the next spasm.  I realized that I have a deep rooted fear in losing mobility to travel since that is so much a part of my life as I serve the Lord.  I certainly did not want these limitations or disabilities to hinder my life's work for God.  Then an old problem of nose bleeds returned right at the time we got the news of Michael’s fight to stay alive.  It all overwhelmed me with depression and horrendous fear.  I was a mess and just thought constantly of the next attack that would take my ministry away or at the least limit my ministry.  I am seeking the Lord about why I am so afraid.  I have fought off the depression but I still get the attacks of fear.  Please pray for my faith that it would be pure and mature to overcome these thorns in the flesh by His grace.  I am making progress but I want to make sure that the need for my physical afflictions would accomplish God's design for my life.  I say this because in early January I started physical therapy for my back which really seems to be helping.  I have not had a spasm for three and a half weeks.  I also had my nose cauterized so the problems have tapered off, but am I free of fear?  Pray for me that the roots of this weakness would be purified by the work of the Holy Spirit as I seek the Lord and not only the physicians.

Now for the great things the Lord has done in spite of my weaknesses and maybe because of my weakness (2 Corinthians 12).  In December we traveled to PA and I spoke at a three church youth rally in Clarks Summit, PA. where about 7 teens were saved!  I was also blessed to be able to speak at a BBC chapel while we were there.  The following weekend I spoke in a church in Phillipsburg, New Jersey that is considering taking us on for support.   Then Jinner and I drove down to Florida to spend Christmas with Jinner’s mom.  While there I spoke in three churches in Sebring and Avon Park.  One of these churches is voting to take us on for support and another has been faithful in sending us offerings for our ministry as the need arises.  The other church has been interested in praying for us as they are committed to other financial obligations that are very challenging for them.  We were blessed to be with all of them!  And don't envy us for being in warm weather because it was cold the whole time we were there setting a few records for the coldest ever!
This January I was privileged to speak in my home church in Akron, NY.  Their new pastor is a good friend of mine, Rick Howard, who was previously a youth pastor in Michigan.  I have known Rick since he was a teen in Maryland.  We are so happy for Calvary Baptist to have Rick as their new pastor and we are confident that God is going to do a great work there.  In the morning service Rick asked me to simply preach the gospel since he thought there might be some that attend that don't really know the gospel.  I did and three adults got saved that morning.  They were in tears and hugged me for showing them how to be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ.  It was a great homecoming for me.  Then in mid January I was able to speak at our home church in Denver, NC.  This is a church plant where our son, Ben, is the lead pastor.  It is a joy to see how this young church is growing!
Then it was off the Michigan for the winter Freezeout retreats at Lake Ann Camp.  What a great ministry they have to reach young people for Jesus Christ.  I will be doing four of their five winter retreats called "Freezeout."  I think you know why they are called that because we are so far north with guaranteed snow!  This year I am doing a series on the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6.  It has been a blessing to me and I trust it is helping teens to learn to pray in a greater way.  The first Freezeout there were about 13 saved (I can't remember specifically).  Freezeout number two saw 30 teens saved!  Wow, I don't think I have ever seen that many saved in one retreat.  But last weekend at Freezeout three the Lord saved 33 teens.  One pastor the next day came to me and shared how clearly one teen in his group expressed his understanding of the gospel when he was saved the night before.  It has been great to see so many saved.  What I do Saturday night when I get to the verse in the Lord's prayer, "Forgive us our debts, as we forgive those indebted to us," is preach the forgiving grace of God through Jesus Christ.  There are so many that come for a weekend of snow fun and find the Lord Jesus Christ.  Also, after this last Freezeout  we visited one of our first supporting churches in North Casnovia, MI.  It was a joy to report to them updates in our ministry.  Keep praying for us as we have one more Freezeout this weekend and we have over 400 teens coming.  Pray that many will be saved and taught to pray the way the Lord taught us to pray!
I also get to share with all of the teens at Freezeout the progress of Michael Landoll with his health.  He is at home now recovering.  Michael called me from Germany last week and shared that he is very weak.  He said he is walking around his house like a 90 year old.  He has had to learn how to walk again and how to climb stairs again.  That is the result of his coma and all the drugs that they used to keep him calm during his post-op recovery.  He has lost 20 pounds and must rest from any work for six weeks.  He will not be able to travel for another six months.  He says he feels the urgency to get the church and training center built all the more through this recent illness and near death experience.  I, too, feel a greater burden and responsibility to raise the money for the building in Kusel, Germany.

I believe the Lord gave me an idea the other day.  We need $800,000 to build the building.  I don't hang around a lot of millionaires, but I do hang around a lot of teenagers.  So we started the "Pray 1K" facebook page.  I am challenging teens (adults too) to pray for one thousand dollars to come in for the Kusel Project.  I need 800 people to be committed to praying for one thousand dollars, not raising one thousand dollars, but PRAYING for one thousand dollars.  I believe that prayer works and I believe that prayer is work and it gets the job done.  So God challenged me to put my prayers where my faith is and mobilize God's people to pray.  If you would like to be one of "the 800" send us an email and we will count you in OR if you have a facebook account you can look for “Pray 1K” and click on the LIKE button to join with us there.  I am crazy enough to believe that the Lord can raise this money by the spring so that we can break ground and finish the building in a year.  We need this building to continue the intern program in Germany and to start many churches in Southwest Germany and then throughout all of Western Europe where it is so dark of spiritual truth and the message of Jesus Christ.   
I have attached the Kusel Project Brochure.  This brochure gives more details to the need for this building.  The colored copy is easier to read when you open it and the black and white brochure can be easily printed.
Well,that is it for now.  I have been meeting with a lot of people lately who have been helping us with ideas for the Kusel Project.  I have had two people approach me this last week and say that they want to contribute financially to the Kusel Project.  God is in this and He will do it.  I know I cannot, but I do know the GREAT I AM!!  Thank you so much for your prayers and your heart to follow our work.  It is comforting for us to know that we have great partners in the work of the Lord!  God bless you all in Jesus Christ.
We appreciate as you partner with us in praying for our continued ministry:
4-6-Freeze Out-Lake Ann Camp
12-18- Shenandoah Baptist Church and Roanoke Valley Christian School in Roanoke, VA
22-25-Heritage Christian School Spiritual Emphasis Week in Indianapolis, IN
25-27-Bethel Baptist Church in Pierceton, IN
28-Mar 1-CCCA Sectional Conference in Beulah Beach Camp in Vermillion, OH
1-CCCA Sectional Conference in Beulah Beach Camp in Vermillion, OH
6-9-Candidate Class at ABWE
16-24-Course to take at ABWE required for missionaries
25-29-Hagen, Germany
Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
1 Peter 1:3-10



November 30, 2010

Dear Praying Friends,

Grace never goes backward!  The grace that has come to us from Jesus Christ is ever charging forward in our lives to help us.  Thanksgiving with our precious family has come and gone but I am always thankful for God's grace.  A verse that reminds me of His grace is Romans 8:32 - He who did not spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all -- How will He not also, along with Him, graciously give us all things.  Jesus Christ was the Ultimate -- why would the Father go backward from that point to give us less grace even if we fail?  He won't, and so I say, "Grace never goes backward."
The Lord has given Jinner and me grace to do this new ministry of missions in our lives.  We keep going forward by His grace.  After a long journey through six countries in Europe during October we came back to the United States and kept going.  We have just completed five conferences here in the US during the months of October and November.  And we love it, though a bit tired.  I feel like we broke the tape running as we finished the ministry that the Lord had for us this fall.
In mid October we were privileged to return to the Christian School in Gyor, Hungary.  We stayed with Laci, one of the teachers from the school  whom we had met at the ACSI Leadership Conference last year in Budapest, Hungary. We were blessed to be in his home with his family and 5 foster children. (attached is a picture of us around the dinner table and with some students from the school.) 
Our last ministry in Europe was with the Missionary Kids of the ABWE Eastern European Conference (ABWE stands for Association of Baptists for World Evangelism).  Not only did Jinner and I get to minister to the MK's but we got to sit and listen to many speakers at the conference during the adult sessions.  But, we got to love on the missionary kids and preach to them.  Jinner and I sensed that one of our ministries will be to the MK's at ABWE.  This was something we never thought about but God seems to be adding this to our itinerary.  How exciting to touch the lives of young missionaries that can in turn reach the world for Christ.  Thank you, Lord!!! (attached is a picture of us at this conference)
We hit the ground running when we came home to the United States.  The day after I got home I took off for Florida to the Sunshine State Fellowship Meeting in Kissimmee.  What a great time I had with the pastors there in Florida.  I also attended some seminars on church planting and cross cultural church planting (right down my alley).  I think those pastors encouraged me more than I encouraged them.  Also, I was able to set up some church meetings in December when I am in Florida.  Thank you, Lord!!!
Then it was off to Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio to speak at its missions conference.  I was able to fellowship with so many of the people there and to share our burden for church planting in Europe and our work with young people in Europe.  Emmanuel has helped out in the past and is committed to helping us continue our ministry there in Europe.  When we are ready to build the church building and training center in Kusel, Germany the folks from Emmanuel are ready to send a construction team to help as much as possible.  What a joy to be at a church that really supports their missionaries. Thank you, Lord!!!
What a blessing to speak at our next missions conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I was privileged to speak Sunday evening at Grace Baptist Church which supports 72 missionaries.  What a great missions church.  They really have a heart to reach the world.  This conference sponsored about six missionaries to speak at their conference and so, again, I got to hear a lot of great presentations of missions around the world.  One night I just wept as I heard the story of this family's call to Indonesia.  If you heard their story you would just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God had called them to this difficult field.  It was so nice to hear of God's working in the lives of others.  Thank you, Lord!!!
Evangel Baptist Church in Taylor, Michigan was our next stop.  On Saturday night we had a youth rally where three teens professed salvation in Christ.  Thank you, Lord!!!  Then on Sunday I was invited to speak in Sunday school, Sunday Morning and Sunday Evening about our work in Europe and especially Germany.  Guess what?  Pastor Michael Landoll was in the US during this time and I invited him to join me at Evangel.  How great is that!  Michael spoke for half of the evening service and I spoke the remainder (I went longer).  I was also privileged to speak to the missions committee about possible support.  What a blessing to be with them.  Thank you, Lord!!!
From Taylor, Michigan Michael Landoll and I drove up to Lake Ann Camp for a pastors conference.  It was by invitation only for 30 pastors.  My son, Ben, who pastors in Denver, North Carolina, was also able to be with us.  What an intense three days we spent there at Lake Ann.  We really challenged one another and it was good to have Michael there for a perspective from a European pastor.  But by the end I was exhausted, flew home and broke the tape running.  I am now resting for a few days before Jinner and I leave for ministry in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey.  So please pray for us as we fulfill these assignments of the Lord.  We love what we do and thank God for His grace that never backs up on us, but always propels us forward in His loving-kindness to do His will of taking the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.  Thank you, Lord!!!!!
We appreciate as you partner with us in praying for our continued ministry...
8-Heritage Baptist Church Youth Group in Clarks Summit, PA
9-Baptist Bible College and Seminary chapel in Clarks Summit, PA
10-Future Business Leaders of America Leadership Conference at Mountain View HS in PA
12-First Baptist Church in Phillipsburg, NJ
14-Ordination Council at Heritage Baptist Church
19-Southside Baptist Church in Sebring, FL
26-Bethany Baptist Church in Avon Park, FL
29-Maranatha Baptist Church in Sebring, FL
2-Calvary Baptist Church in Akron, NY
7-9-Freeze Out  at Lake Ann Camp, MI
16-Providence Church in Denver, NC
21-23-Freeze Out at Lake Ann Camp, MI
28-30-Freeze Out at Lake Ann Camp, MI
Yours in Christ
Ken and Jinner Rudolph

2 Cor. 3:5




October 11, 2010

Dear Prayer Partners,

It is an interesting and exciting life when one walks with the Lord.  Not everything is how we imagine it and just how perfect we think it should work out.  Yet, the Lord works it all out for our good and especially for His glory.  Jinner and I are so thrilled with the ministry God is allowing us to experience and along with the excitement is the testing of our faith that tempers us and lifts our eyes in faith to our Wonderful Savior and His will.  I say all of this because of the fun of preaching and then the trial of a weak back which is humbling and sometimes prompts fear in my heart.  It is all from the Lord’s tender hand and what He chooses for us we will endure and rejoice in our sufferings and glory in our sufferings that the power of Christ will rest upon us.

I know that you all have been praying because so much has happened these past two weeks.  The Lord has kept us safe, but more important has opened the hearts of many for salvation and service of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Jinner and I just finished a youth event in Perugia, Italy that included four or five churches.  Three made professions of faith in Christ and it was great to see the enthusiasm of the other young people to reach Italy for Christ.  Italy is a dark place of spiritual superstitions and true spirituality needs to be preached in the name of Jesus.  About eighty young people attended and did most of the organization of this event called “Missione X.”  We had so much fun with these young adults and were encouraged with their passion for Christ and His gospel.  I have attached a picture of the group.

The youth conference “Missione X” continued into Sunday.  Over one-hundred fifty people were in church Sunday morning.  This is a church that was started by Fred and Rachael Whitman thirty-eight years ago.  They have faithfully stayed the course while for many years thirty to fifty people attended.  But after thirty-three years things started exploding and the fruit of their labors and faithfulness is growing greatly.  For the past five years the church purchased a new big building right on a main highway and many people have been saved until the church is now constantly running over one-hundred thirty people each Sunday.  What a blessing for Jinner and me to experience such a thriving church, so alive and full of hope for the future.

In Perugia I preached about six times and felt like I had encouraged the believers there to reach Italy for Jesus.  Fred then took us to Rome for a couple of days and gave us the tour of our lives.  In one day we saw the catacombs, the Vatican City, the ruins of Rome and the coliseum.  We saw so many cathedrals and basilicas that I can’t name them all, but it is so sad to see the expense to build these on the backs of common people and then to not even give them the true gospel of Christ.  Italy needs the Lord.

The next day we flew to Vienna, Austria where we are staying with great friends that the Lord has given to us.  They take good care of us while we are in Europe.  We have also grown in our love for their church which is without a pastor right now.  Please pray for this church that the Lord will lead a pastor to them soon.  They have been without a pastor for a couple of years and long to have a shepherd soon.  They were even desperate enough to ask me to be their pastor.  What an honor, but though I wish we could pastor this precious church the Lord has us on the move.  I did get to preach there Sunday and enjoy their fellowship and also earlier in the week speak at a conference Friday evening on giftedness in the church.  Also, today we will be involved in a Bible Study today in our friend’s home.  I have attached a picture of us in front of the church with some our friends.

We appreciate as you partner with us in praying for our continued ministry


13,14- We will travel to Hungary to minister at Christian School in Gyor.  What a joy to return to this sweet group of believers.  We look forward to our time there.

16-22-We will fly to Thessaloniki, Greece to be a part of the Regional ABWE Conference.  I will be speaking to the youth.

23-We will fly back to the USA

25,26 –Sunshine Baptist Fellowship fall conference at Gateway Baptist Church in Kissimmee, FL

29-31-Misson’s Conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, OH

PS.  Here is a testimony of a student from the Christian School in St Petersburg, Russia.  What a joy to hear what happened!  There are also 2 pictures attached.

Isaac Jang wrote:  After the retreat, we came back and started our regular school lives... At the retreat, our amazing speaker Mr. Ken Rudolph inspired us to take on the city of St. Petersburg to spread God's Love. On October 9, 2010, the Junior/Senior Class and Kurt went to the Naval Academy on our island to just give out free hot chocolate and tracts…




October 1, 2010

Hello from Italy,

Thank you all for praying for us on our trip to Berlin and St. Petersburg, Russia and for my crazy back spasms!  To catch you up so far I’ll start with my “back.”  Praise the Lord it has been four full days with no back spasms.  On our trip over to Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany my back was in constant spasms.  I was quite afraid of what this trip would be like for a month of back problems.  But, we had many of you pray and I believe the Lord answered with relief for my back.  It is also a way of humbling me and helping me glory in my weaknesses that the power of Christ may rest upon me (2 Cor. 12).  Thank you, thank you, thank you for lifting us up in this way.  My back actually feels strong.  Praise the Lord!!!

Also, Jinner and I thank you for praying for the ministry of preaching.  Saturday night in Berlin we preached to a group of teens at a talent night at the Crossway Church and one girl got saved.  Sunday morning we preached again to the Crossway Church and enjoyed great fellowship with this church where we have ministered many times.

On Monday morning we were off to St. Petersburg, Russia where I spoke at a Christian School retreat.  There were about 100 students there and we had about eight raise their hands for salvation and professed Christ in a prayer.  We don’t know how many were sincere but God knows and we leave that to Him.  We also encouraged the student body to reach St. Petersburg for Christ and many responded to a message on Jonathan and his armor bearer.  They stood up and stood out for God when others hid and did not care.  Pray for these valiant students that made a decision to change their world like Jonathan did in 1 Samuel 14.

On Thursday we flew from Russia to Germany, stayed with our missionary friends overnight in Berlin and this morning flew to Rome.  So we are here tonight in Perugia with Fred Whitman at his church for a youth rally that will continue into Saturday.  It is called “Mission X.”  Sounds like fun but I know what the x stands for – win Europe to Christ!!!  So pray for us because there may be some unsaved young adults there tonight and tomorrow.  I will preach three times for the youth event,  be interviewed on the radio station that Fred Whitman has been producing for over 30 years and then preach three times on Sunday.  Thank you for faithfully holding us up in prayer (keep my back in prayer, too).  God bless you all.

Ken and Jinner Rudolph

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September 13, 2010

Hello to all of our praying friends,

At my birthday party at age six one of my presents was a pair of "Roy Rogers spurs."  Oh, how I treasured that gift because I always wanted to be a cowboy.  Well, during the past two weeks I just had two birthdays that top any birthdays I have ever had.  I had the great privilege to be in Romania doing two weeks of camp from August 21 - September 6.  My birthday is August 27 and my spiritual birthday is September 3 so I was in the midst of ministry on both of my birthdays!  What a present - better than spurs!
The Lord provided the funds for my trip to Romania to do two weeks of camp in two different locations but with the same team.  Our camp ministry team consisted of Romanians and ABWE missionaries.  What a great team led by ABWE missionary Andrew Postema and his wife Leah.  Of course, the team players all did their jobs skillfully and the camps ran smoothly.  That doesn't mean we didn't have some battles, but greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world!  Thanks also to Lake Ann Camp that provided funds for scholarships for many campers that could not have come otherwise.  The monies for these scholarships came from the offerings of Lake Ann CAMPERS who gave this past summer so that Romanians could go to camp.  The body of Christ is a beautiful thing when one sees how the Spirit makes it all work together!  Amen?
Jinner did not go with me on this trip but she was home praying and doing all of the detail work to keep our ministry going.  On the way to Romania I had three phases of travel to arrive at camp.  I flew from Charlotte, NC to Frankfurt, Germany (9 hours) then after a 4 hour layover flew from Frankfurt to Bucherest, Romania (3 hours) and was picked up by my good friend Pastor Ema Dejeu and driven 8 hours to the camp in Lunca Bradului.  We arrived at midnight and camp started the next day but the Lord was my strength.
The campers arrived Monday afternoon and camp was in full swing.  The most intriguing element of this camp was that about 90% of the campers were UNSAVED!!  The church that sponsored this camp had turned away 30 campers because the camp was full.  The Lord was truly doing something great and we prayed earnestly that God would work in the lives of these campers to bring them to salvation.  The Senior High Camp in which I spoke had over 60 campers (the Junior Camp had about 30 campers and Dr. Cheryl Fawcett was their speaker).   On Wednesday morning I preached the gospel.  On Wednesday evening I preached the gospel. On Thursday morning I preached the gospel.  At each chapel I would give an opportunity to respond to the gospel and many were saved each service.  Thursday evening I gave another invitation to the campers to stay behind and pray with their counselors and the whole camp (but about three campers) stayed to ask questions and to pray.  The whole team was occupied with praying and counseling with someone.  It was an awesome sight to see that room just filled with young people praying and wanting to know about their new found salvation in Jesus Christ.  I have never seen that many unsaved young people get saved at a camp setting!
Well, guess what?  The next day, Friday, was my birthday.  I had one more chapel to speak at before the campers went home.  When I got up to speak the kids broke out in a song of "happy birthday" Romanian style.  It was the most beautiful song of "happy birthday" I have ever heard because it came from the lips of newly born Christian teens!!!  That was the most wonderful birthday I have ever had!  I preached a message of encouragement for Christians but just for good measure I gave another gospel invitation to be saved.  A few more raised their hands.  Wow.  Can I tell you that before camp was over that only a few left unsaved.  It was one of the most "God Moment" camps I ever had the privilege of participating in.  The camp team in Romania is in lock-step with the Lord in that ministry there.  I wish you could have been there.
On Sunday of that week I got to speak at Liberty Baptist Church in Turgu Muresh.  This was the church that sponsored the camp.  We had encouraged the campers to go to church on Sunday.  This would be hard for some of the campers because their parents were nominal members of another denomination.  But, praise the Lord, 15 of those newly converted did come and that's not counting the 14 church kids that were at camp.  Please pray for Pastor Nicu as he leads that church and that the church will follow up on all of these new converts.
Sunday night it was off to Camp Eli in Ojasca.  It was a six hour trip through the beautiful Romanian countryside of plains and mountains.  The next morning our second camp started (for the Romanian Camp Team this was their sixth week of camp).  This week we had 36 campers but it was a great challenge.  This was a great battle not only in the hearts of the campers but in my heart too - not to give up!  The whole team battled with many incidents from fleshly campers, unsaved campers and the evil one.  Be not weary in well doing because if you faint not in due season you shall reap a harvest for the Lord.  So the team persevered and we saw many saved and many turned around for the Lord Jesus Christ.
The next stop was to go see the church in Kusel, Germany.  I am sure that you have heard me talk about Kusel.  This is where Pastor Micheal Landoll and the church are going to build a Church Building/Training Center for church planting.  They are in partnership with ABWE to make this a reality and the epicenter of my heart is to see this Training Center built so that many churches can be planted in Germany and all over Western Europe.  I spoke at this great church Sunday.  What a wonderful spirit I sensed in this congregation.  I can't wait for the day that the new building is built and this body of Christ in Kusel will use it for God's glory.  The Landoll family hosted me for a few days and then it was back to the good ole' USA on September 6.
We love you all so much for "holding us up" in your prayers and thoughts.  The Lord has confirmed our call to this new ministry in Europe over and over.  He is so faithful when we are weak and it is because of your prayers and gifts that God has enabled us.
Here is our schedule:
16-18- Ladies Retreat at Lake Ann Camp
19am-Rock Point Church in Crawfordsville, IN
19pm-21 Crossroads Annual Conference at Rock Point Church in Crawford, IN
23-fly to Berlin
24-26-Crossway Church in Berlin, Germany
27-30-Christian school in St Petersburg, Russia
1-6-Italy with Fred Whitman
8-10-Church in Vienna
12-13-Christian school in Gyor, Hungary
15-Christian school in Vienna
16-21-ABWE Regional Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece (Ken will be speaking to the youth)
22-fly back to Berlin
23-fly back to the USA
25-26-Sunshine State Fall Conference in Florida
28-31-Mission Conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Toledo, OH
To God be the glory!!
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
II Cor 3:5



August 24, 2010

Dear Prayer Partners,

We praise God for all He is doing in the lives of individuals through the preaching of His Word!!!  We wanted to quickly share a prayer request and a testimony of praise with all of you.
Ken is speaking at a Christian camp in Romania for 2 weeks.  He flew over this past Saturday.  The first week of camp is in northern Romania and the church that sponsors this week of camp has 14 teens from their church attending.  The other 96 campers are from the town where the church is located.  They are from strict orthodox homes.  Really good kids but they have never heard the gospel.  They have been taught that if anyone else besides their church teaches the Bible that it probably not right.  So, Ken is asking for lots of prayers for these teens for God to soften their hearts to the gospel and call them to Himself!  The second week of camp is a smaller group and I am not sure of the dynamics. So, we appreciate any prayers for these 2 weeks of camp.
Now for the praise!  As you know, one of our greatest desires is to share the vision of the mission ministry in Kusel.  Ken has been sharing his burden for Kusel with teens all summer.  Below is an email that Ken received from a gal that attended Lake Ann Camp and caught the vision.  It is a wonderful testimony of how the preaching at camp has influenced her life.   We received permission to share her testimony.


Dear Ken Rudolph,

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you.  Your words each year as I came to Summer Camp and Freeze Out have truly touched my heart. I have never heard a speaker that is so on fire for God.  I know that every time I hear you speak, I am hearing exactly what God wants me to hear.  He has drawn me closer to him through your words.  I have come to believe in the power of prayer and I'd like you to know that I am praying for you and the church in Kusel every day.  God has burdened my heart with a longing for that church to be built and for it to flourish.  I trust that God will provide everything you need and more.  I would appreciate being updated with how everything with your ministry is going.
And now I'd like to tell you a story :)
I'd like to start this story by telling you a little bit about my car.  Ok, so it's not really MY car, it’s just the third car of my parents, so I'm able to drive it.  I have been truly blessed by only having to pay for the gas in order to use this car.  It gets about twenty to twenty-two miles to the gallon on a good day. I drove myself to camp this year and filled up my tank before I went. Camp is about 180 miles from my house and by the time I got there, I had less than half a tank left. As the week went on, I had some money to spend in the Red Canoe, but I knew I was going to need gas money to get home.  Throughout the week, I listened to your sermons and really felt God wanted me to grow in my faith.  On Friday night, the basket went around for donating to the camp in Romania.  I had my money in my pocket at that time, but I didn't really hear God telling me to give to Romania.  Plus, I needed what I had for gas.  I had hoped to go home and be able to give to Kusel.  After the basket passed me by, my whole body tensed up and my heart was moved by the Holy Spirit asking the question "Do you really trust me?" I had always trusted God with my future, with the world, with the big things in life.  But what about the here and now and a true need? Nah, I covered that myself.  Through the whole rest of the service, I struggled with the worry of how I would get home.  I knew I needed to drop my friend Emily off to her family, which was out of my way, so I would be going farther and I had LESS gas.  So maybe I would just give some of my money.  Again, "Do you REALLY trust me?" After chapel that night, I came up to you.  I pulled that money out of my pocket and said "God has really laid it on my heart to give all I have to Kusel." I don't know if you remember this or not, but that was a big moment for me.  But as I prayed, God gave me peace.  I didn't know what would happen or how I would get home, but the only option was to trust God.  That night, I had my one on one with my counselor and I told only her about my decision and what it really cost me.  She was very encouraging and I knew that I did not want to tell anyone else because in no way did I want to interrupt whatever it was that God had planned.  So Saturday morning, I got up and left my last week as a camper at Lake Ann.  I drove and talked with my friend for the ride and we had a great time, but it was all I could do not to stare at that gas gauge! So I dropped her off, and headed home.  I had over a hundred miles to go and less than a quarter tank.  A while before I was supposed to get home, my gas light went on.  I knew I probably wouldn't make it home, so I pulled off and scrounged up all the change in my car.  I had enough for just one more gallon of gas.  The gas light never turned off, but I made it home on only seven gallons of gas.  Going two hundred thirty miles.  I'll do the math for ya, that's OVER THIRTY MILES TO THE GALLON!!!! Never in my life, has that car had so good of gas mileage! I was truly in awe to see God work in such a tangible way.  He provided exactly what I needed and I was able to be used by him to give.  It has been one of the best experiences of my life, and he truly thrilled me.  I pray that God will use other teenagers these last two weeks of Lake Ann to be used in inspiring ways.  I hope this has been a small encouragement to you and I pray that God gives you exactly what to say to each of these teens at camp.  (I love listening to your sermons and right now, I'm scouring the internet for ones that are available to download.  If you happen to have CDs of messages your have preached over the years, I'd love to have them and I'll pay whatever it is you're asking.)  I also pray that he provides for Kusel in a way that is so amazing that people cannot help but praise and bring glory to his name.  Again, I would greatly appreciate hearing how it is all going.  God bless you and your family for your wonderful servanthood.

A thankful camper


So, we hope this was an encouragement to you.
To God be the glory!
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
II Cor 3:5


July 28, 2010

Dear Praying Friends,

This has been one of the hottest summers on record around the United States.  Heat seems to make our labors all the more exhausting but we still get the work done.  I think the same is true in the "heat of the battle."  There is a spiritual battle going on in the world and it is one of the hottest contests for the souls of men I believe in the history of mankind.  Perhaps because the time is near for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, but no matter, the battle is fierce and we must continue to get the work done!
Jinner and I have been in the midst of a great summer of camp ministry at Lake Ann Camp in Lake Ann, Michigan.  It usually is very cool up here but it has been really hot and so has our battle with the evil one.  The lives of teens that have been wrecked by sin is devastating to our hearts but God is Greater and Stronger than all our sin.  We are watching Him save teens and revive teens and put their lives together again by His grace.  Romans 5:20 reminds us that, "Where sin abounded, GRACE DID MUCH MORE ABOUND."  God is always winning the battle and we must remember that as we look upon the casualties of war. 
We have been through six weeks of camp here at Lake Ann already and every Friday evening at the concluding chapel service packed with 400 to 600 campers we never cease to see hundreds walk the aisles to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and the taking of the gospel to their world.  Usually the front of the chapel is filled with crying teenagers and even the aisles are filled with kneeling teens committing to the Lord their lives and hearts to spread the gospel.  It is an awe inspiring sight and we love this part of our ministry.  To think that we had a part in encouraging these teens to give their hearts to Christ is a humbling yet rewarding experience.  I love my job!!!!!
This year at camp (so far) we have seen over 200 young people saved in all of the camp programs at Lake Ann.  Just last week alone we had 64 saved.  The Lord has also sent me three teens that have specifically said they want to work with me in Europe to spread the gospel.  I have their names and will be communicating with them over the years to see if the Lord would have them to be missionaries some day in Europe. 
Well, the Lord has been moving us along in our ministry of raising support for our mission work.  We have been busy not only in camp but have been weaving into the tapestry of our ministry opportunities of presenting and preaching in churches.  The month before camp we were in three churches.  In May we had the privilege of preaching a huge youth rally for Parker Hill Community Church with their Alpha Teen ministry where we spoke to about 150 teens.  The next day we were in Bridgewater Baptist Church in Montrose, Pennsylvania.  They were having a Sunday to present the gospel to their community.  From those meetings the pastor shared with me that three people were saved.  One of those after confessing Christ passed away three days later.  What a blessing to be used by God in such a way to rescue people from an eternal separation from God and into His marvelous light.  At the end of May I had the great privilege to speak in my HOME CHURCH - Calvary Baptist of Akron, New York.  I love to speak at my home church and to be with so many that nurtured me in my early years of faith.  They are one of our supporting churches, not only monetarily but so much more in love and prayers (thank you, Calvary of Akron).
Just as camp was starting Jinner and I got to share with another supporting church, Chapel Pointe in Hudsonville, Michigan.  What a dynamic and growing church and a church that is so courageous to help us in our ministry around the world.  Things are tough economically in Michigan but Chapel Pointe is going full steam ahead to spread the gospel and so we thank the Lord for this supporting church.
In the middle of camp on July 4 we spoke at Standale Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This church has been a good friend to Jinner and me for a long time.  We have done many outreach events for Standale and we had the privilege to work with them again on the Fourth of July special service.  It was a patriotic service of much music sponsored by their own people and then I preached the gospel from John 3.  After we had a picnic on the grounds of the church and got to fellowship with many of the precious people there.  I love you Standale and thanks for loving us so much!
On July 18th Jinner and I spoke at Calvary Baptist in Evart, Michigan.  We presented our work in Sunday School and shared our need of support after church with the missions committee.  Pray that the Lord's will be done in our fellowship together.  Evart has also been a church that we have many ties with and many wonderful memories of ministry together over the years.  We would love to partner with them if it is the Lord's will.
Last Sunday I was in First Baptist Church of Vestaburg, Michigan.  I have done Revival meetings with them in the past and I was happy to be with them last week to encourage the congregation to keep going in the work of the Lord.
We believe in prayer.  It is work and it gets the job done.  Pray much for us. In Hebrews 13:18-19 pray that it might happen sooner.  So we need your prayers (we are getting a little older, but we are still young in our hearts).  Pray that our bodies can stay up with our hearts.  Jinner just turned 60 :-) and I turn 59 soon!:-)
·         Pray for our support.  We praise God for the churches that just recently let us know of their support.  We are at about 98%. (This does not include all of our travel needs to Europe so we are still praying for more churches and individuals to partner with us once a year to help with our travel.)
·         Pray as I finish my last week of speaking at camp.  I will then be traveling to speak at a Hillcrest Baptist Church in Jamestown, New York and then will travel home to North Carolina.
·         Pray as I travel to Romania from Aug 21-Sept 4 and will speak at 2 camps there and then on Sept. 5 I will speak at the church in Kusel, Germany.
·         Pray for the church in Kusel, Germany as they continue to raise support for their new church building and training center.
·         Pray as we prepare to go to Europe on Sept 23 for four weeks doing ministry in five different countries.
We love our ministry and we love your partnership with us in this ministry.  God bless you and encourage you.  Look for Him!
 Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
II Cor. 3:5



May 19,  2010

Hello to all  of our missionary partners,
I was shocked when I looked back to see when I sent my last prayer letter and update.  It was two months ago!  So much has happened and Jinner  and I are glad to be busy.  God is always filling our schedule and giving  us work in His harvest field.  We are not bored and thankful to the Lord  that He has given us three days in a row to rest a bit. Let me share the blessings of our ministry the past several weeks so that you can rejoice with us for what the Lord is doing:
March 20-23 
I was so blessed to do special meetings with the First Baptist Church of Vestaburg, Michigan.  What a precious church that is really doing the  job. One of the greatest blessings was that an 86 year young lady was  saved after hearing one of the messages.  It's never too late!   Also, a young man in his 30's was saved and some teens turned their lives  around for Christ. The men of the church also met with me for breakfast  one morning and we talked about them coming to Kusel, Germany for a missions  construction trip. They are excited about the possibilities of helping  us build the training center in Kusel.  One of the evenings there Pastor  Michael Landoll of the church in Kusel was there to present the work and  vision of building a new church building and training center for church  planting in the Southwest corner of Germany.  Michael and I have been  partnering up to see what the Lord will do to expand church planting in  Germany.  Michael has already planted or rescued four church plants in  Germany and we are excited to be a part of the ABWE team to facilitate more  church plants in Southwest Germany (and hopefully all over Western  Europe).
March 24 
Michael Landoll and I presented the work in Germany to Solid Rock Church in Plymouth, Michigan.  We were able to meet with the mission committee before the service and share our need for financial support.  It was a wonderful meeting and they are excited about what God is doing for His church  in Germany as well as His call on Jinner and my life for mission work.
March 27 -28  
Jinner and I were at Living Hope Church in Toledo, Ohio to do a couples retreat all day Saturday and then to speak Sunday morning.  We were also  able to meet with the missions committee after the morning service and share our need for support.  It was good to be with some folks there that we  had not seen in a long time and to minister together once again.
April 2
I was privileged to preach at a Good Friday Service for a fellowship of churches in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Before the service I was able to sit down with three churches and their mission committees to share our new ministry.  These churches were so supportive and willing to help in the  way in which they are able to help at this time of economic hardships for our churches.  We are thankful for their willing hearts.
April 7
Grace Baptist Church of Batavia, New York invited me to speak at their Wednesday evening service (after I had invited myself, because I was going to be in the area).  This church is growing and ready to build a new  building that will seat 500.  It was so encouraging to see a  thriving church under the leadership of Pastor Don Shirk.  He has been  there 25 years and has built a healthy church by the grace of God.  I was  also able to meet briefly with the missions committee to update them on our  support.  Jinner and I had previously met with them and shared our  need. 
April 9-11
It was fun to be back at Bethel Memorial Church for the third time for special meetings in Princeton, Indiana.  This also is a church full of  life
and doing the work of the Lord, seeing people saved, baptized and  discipled. What a sweet fellowship.  It was great sharing our  burden of missions with them.  I was able to meet with their missions  committee and praise the Lord for their diligent response - they are going to  support us!  Yeah!!
April 18
One of our supporting churches, Grace Church of Des Moines, Iowa,  had me open their Missions Conference and what a blessing!  This  church has embraced us for years in our ministry and now with our new missions  ministry they are partnering in a significant way.  This church has a  burden to reach the world and supports many, many missionaries.  I can  see that they continue to grow not only in heart but in numbers as they reach  Des Moines and the world.
April 20-22
This was fun!  I had the privilege to speak at Grace College in  Winona Lake, Indiana for their youth emphasis week in their daily  chapels.  It is a college of about 1,000 students and what a great  reception they showed toward my preaching.  I sensed a great spiritual  atmosphere on campus and in chapel each day.  It was so rewarding to eat  with many students each day in the cafeteria and hear of their heartbeat for  the Lord and missions.
April 22-24
It was back to my beloved Lake Ann Camp for the couples retreat!   What a precious time we had with the couples that attended.  The Lord  gave me a burden to speak on Pain and how to handle it with perseverance, joy  or how to be healed from its devastating effects.  We had a great time  and I always love being at Lake Ann where we ministered for ten years on staff  and 22 years of preaching at camp.  It is a great camp that God is using  humungasly (is that a word?).
April 25
Community Baptist Church of Richmond, Michigan, also one of our  supporting churches, had me preach for them Sunday morning.  After the  service we had a bake sale auction to raise money to send kids to Lake Ann Camp  this summer.  Of course, I got to be one of the auctioneers along with  Pastor Bryan Wise.  The church raised over $3,000 for camp  scholarships.  I also got an apple pie!
April 26
My 8th grandchild was born - Rockford Glenn Amos!  (I just thought I  would throw that in) and Jinner flew home early to help out to be with our family.
April 28
I spoke at First Baptist Church of Lowell, Michigan for their Jr. High youth group.  It was great to be back with Jr. Higher's.  They keep  you very young and energized.
April 29 - May 1
It was back to Lake Ann Camp for the Men's Retreat.  Over 300 men  came to Lake Ann for a great retreat.  I was so empty all the way around  but the Lord filled me day by day and I felt His leading in each  message.  I spoke three times and felt the Holy Spirit empowering me to  speak the right messages with passion that I didn't know I had.  Three  men were saved and the rest of us were blessed together.  I always enjoy  the fellowship of Godly men from all over the state of Michigan who love the  Lord.  The singing was great, the food was great and I hope the preaching  was great!
May 2
After the Men's Retreat I stopped to speak on Sunday Morning at Midway Baptist Church in Watervliet, Michigan.  This is another wonderful church  that is supporting us.  They are not wonderful because they support us  but because they are a thriving church under a great pastor.  Pastor Mark  Cowell has been there 17 years and has built a solid work.  We praise God  for their partnership with us and we are proud to have them on board with  us.
May 3-4
I met up with Pastor Michael Landoll again in Michigan to meet with key individuals to share the need for financial help to build the church building and training center complex in Kusel, Germany.  We have a lot of fun together with these precious believers who have a heart for missions.  We are many steps closer in seeing the Lord build His church as well as a  building in Germany.  Please pray for large gifts to be given for the construction of this complex that will house the church in Kusel, Germany  as well as be a center for facilitating church planting in Germany and Western  Europe!  I believe with all of my heart that the Lord wants to raise this  building up as a center for a great spiritual awakening in Germany.   I have attached a black and white copy of the Kusel Project brochure if  you want to print it

May 5
Well, I finally got home to Denver, North Carolina but still had a few ministries to fulfill.  May 6-7 I was the commencement speaker for  Piedmont Baptist College and also for their celebration days before  graduation.  This is an up-and-coming college for the Lord.  He is  doing great things there and I love being amongst the students.  Many of  their students go into missions and that has been a great tradition for  years.

May 13-14
I helped a friend from Austria who works with a missionary foundation called Storehouse to meet with some people to enrich the mission of this ministry.  Please let me know if you would like to know more about this  ministry. God has connected us with some wonderful people in Europe by  His great design and sovereign plan way before we knew that Jinner and I were  going to be working in missions, especially in Europe.  How wonderful are  His works and His plans beyond finding out!
Well, continue to pray for us.  We know that you do.  Jinner  and I are so excited to tell you that we are up almost 95% of our support  now!  We anticipate many pending churches to let us know soon of their  support for this mission work the Lord has given us.  It gets more  exciting day by day.  Yet the body talks to me day after day that this is  hard work, the inner man is renewed day by day.  So pray for our physical  stamina and our faith to be increased.  God has been sustaining us and  blessing us but there is so much more to do.  Thanks so much for your  partnering with us.  That which is accomplished for the Lord Jesus Christ  by our efforts will be put on your account in heaven because you labored with  us in prayer and in giving (2 Corinthians 4).
Please pray for:
Ken as he continues to get his messages ready for Lake Ann  Camp this summer.
For safety and grace as I to travel to PA this weekend,  then to NY  the next week and then as we travel to MI in June.
The Kusel Project!!!
God bless you all,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
2 Cor. 3


March 18, 2010

Our dear sweet praying friends,

I really need to get this letter written for urgent prayer from you all.  Pastor Michael Landoll is back with me in the US traveling to many churches to talk with many individuals about the new building needed for the church, for camp ministry and for the training center for church planting.  We need to raise awareness and interest so that this can become an official mission’s project with ABWE.  I am learning about all the steps in mission work to bring about a mission’s project from dream to reality.  By the way, if you have been touched by Lord for the need of church planting in Germany you can send me an email about your support for this project that I can put in my report for the home officeThey want to know of the prayer support and financial support if this would be approved.  I know that the German people are ready!  They have already bought the property and just need the help of believers here in the states to put this over the edge from dream to reality.  I have attached a copy of the brochure for the building project in Kusel.  Please let me know if you would like me to send you some brochures.  So please pray!!!
Last week was a tremendous blessing because three churches informed us of support for our new ministry.  This has been quite an adventure and we love the ride (even though it is like a roller coaster on steroids).  But, we wouldn't want it any other way.  We are alive with excitement as Jinner and I watch all of the things that the Lord is touching and moving to help us do missions here in the US and in Europe.  Jinner said the other day to someone that we are busier than we have ever been in our lives but the Lord is sustaining us with the exceeding great power from the Spirit as mentioned in Ephesians one and the hope of the glory of God stated in Romans five!!  I also know that we are being carried along on the wings of your prayers as we labor and see so much.  It is the Lord and His power as He answers your prayers.
Every week we are in a church to present our work for which we thank the Lord for opening doors.  Every church has given me an opportunity to meet with the mission committee.  I am encouraged to see the eagerness of people to help us on our way.  Even if churches cannot support us, some are taking up love offerings to fill the gap until we are at full support or are sending a one time gift.  One church that did take us on just recently also gave us an abundant love offering as we spoke at their church.  So the Lord is supplying!!  We are resting in His promises.
Let me share some of the ministries that we have had recently. 
·         Feb. 12-14, Jinner and I spoke at a couples retreat for Fellowship Baptist Church of Upper Marlboro, Maryland at Ocean City.  Then we traveled back to speak at their church on Sunday.  What a wonderful church.  They are the real thing that God was talking about when He talked about the true church in the Bible.  These folks love the Lord! 
·         Feb. 19-21, I had the thrilling pleasure to speak at a youth retreat with 400 teens for Woodside Bible Church in Troy, Michigan.  We saw about 10 young people saved and a huge group stand up for the Lord at the last session when I preached on "David's Three Mighty Men." 
·         Feb 26-28, I spoke at SALSA, a retreat for single adults in Corning, New York.  What a neat group of people from all walks of life that just love the Lord.  We had a great time of fellowship that lifted me up hopefully as much as my messages did them. 
·         March 5-7,  I spoke at a youth night at Grace Baptist Church in Lima, OH where many of the youth made decisions to follow Christ. I also spoke at a men's retreat of 400 men from all over Ohio on Saturday at Calvary Baptist Church of Bellefontaine, OH and then followed it up by speaking at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Sterling, OH on Sunday.  Pleasant Hill is pastored by Pastor Steve Olsen who is a good friend of mine who went to Baptist Bible College with me.  He took this church 32 years ago with about 50 people and today it is running over 500.  What a blessing to be part of their service!
·         Then on March 14-15, Jinner and I were at Bethesda Baptist Church in Brownsburg, Indiana.  This was a church that I spoke at for over ten years for the Blowout youth event.  We used to have over three thousand young people attend that youth rally.  It was good to be back after a few years and it felt like being home again.  They have a new pastor, Curt DeGraff, who is my son's father-in-law.  We trust that this church will continue to do great things for the Lord under his leadership.
·         This week I will be traveling to Michigan to do special meetings in Vestaburg at First Baptist Church.  This will be my third year in a row doing meetings for them and the Lord has always blessed in great ways so pray for us once again that the Lord will work.  My tank is a bit empty but pray that I will be filled with all the fullness of God. 
·         Also, this week during the meetings and afterwards I will be traveling with Pastor Michael Landoll of Kusel, Germany to continue to seek interest and support for the missions’s project there in Kusel.  This center will be the launching point for a lot of the work that we will be doing in Germany.  This is a key to many church plants even in other parts of Europe so please pray for this to be the week that we tie loose ends up and get this project finalized.  I know that God is in this project.  We just need to find His partners to finish the work.  It's great to watch God write our story and to be a character in His Divine plot to reach Europe. 
 God bless you all for praying and giving and enjoying all that He is doing!  Let God write your story too.
Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
2 Cor. 3:5  
P.S.  Please continue to pray for more churches and individuals to partner with us with financial and prayer support.


November 24, 2009

Hello to our dear praying friends,

Thank you all so much for your prayers for our seven week ministry tour in Europe.  It was a great confirmation to both Jinner and me that we are doing exactly what the Lord wants us to be doing in our service to Him.  Over and over again we saw the hand of God in His blessings upon our lives.  Wow, what a ride!

Your prayers were answered on the last day of our trip home as we connected easily from Vienna, Austria to Frankfort, Germany so that we could catch our flight to Charlotte, North Carolina.  We feel like we know the Frankfurt airport like the back of our hand since we connected flights through there about four times during our journey.  It is also wonderful to be able to fly straight to Charlotte from Germany!

It was about a ten hour trip across the Atlantic and then we were home!  What a blessing to be home safely and to see our kids and grand kids again and we actually had a visit from my parents and sister too!!  I took a few days off and just sat in my chair and stared into space with nothing to do.  It was great to not be on a hurried and demanding schedule for a few minutes.

On Saturday, November 13,  I was on my way again to speak at a youth rally and a missions conference in McBain, Michigan.  Pastor Gary Coleman and his sweet family are great friends of ours and I enjoyed being with them for both venues of ministry. 

We saw about 10 young people accept the Lord as Savior at the youth rally and they are doing follow-up now.  I also enjoyed sharing the blessings of our European trip at the missions conference as well as preaching a challenging message to keep the gospel of Jesus Christ central for their church.

Sunday evening I spoke at First Baptist of Lowell, Michigan as well as a youth rally to multiple churches in the area that came together after the evening service.  All in all that Sunday I spoke four times and was glad to lay my head on my pillow that evening and thank the Lord for the privilege of ministry and the comfort of rest.

Monday was the beginning of a spiritual life conference for Northpointe Christian School in Grand Rapids.  What a great group of young people who listened intently all four days I was there and showed me great respect.  I believe that the Lord is going to use this school greatly for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

During the week I was able to speak with a missions committee for possible support and also shared with a supporting church the blessings of our trip to Europe.  It is so easy to be passionate about sharing the new direction of our lives into missions.  I know that the Lord has certainly led Jinner and me to do this.

I flew home for one day and then it was off again (this time by car and with my precious wife) to Florida.  Not for vacation but to speak in four churches; some for support and some to share and encourage them in our mission of the gospel.  I am writing this letter the day after speaking at the first church of our travels here in Florida.  We had a great time at Starkey Road Baptist Church in the morning service and then spoke at an outreach event that evening.  Five young people raised their hands for salvation.  God is working!  Don’t ever forget His promises that He is always working in a greater way than any other spiritual power that would oppose us. 

Pray for our meetings with the other churches where we will be ministering.  We want to see souls saved and encouraged.  Thank you again for your constant prayers.  Jinner and I can feel them and see them working as we continue to serve Jesus Christ in the spreading of the gospel here and to the world.  Please continue to pray that we would have churches and individuals partner with us as we raise our final 25%.  God bless you all!

Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
2 Corinthians 3



Hi All,

I know it has been a long time since I wrote you personally but we have had weird stuff happening to our internet connection in Romania.  Well, I just thought that I would send you a short note of all of the things happening lately so that you could share with everyone at Faith Baptist Church.
We had a great time in Romania and saw 14 teens saved at the youth rally Saturday.  I spoke three times in that one day and a total of 8 times in three days so I was very tired but it was exciting to share with the Romanian people our burden to reach Europe.  I believe that Romania will be a key country in reaching Europe.  They are very evangelistic and global in scope of spreading the gospel.  Monday we got to speak on the radio that reaches 250,000 people so that was a great opportunity.  Then Tuesday I met with the school board of Logos Christian School a Christian school that is looking for sister schools in the United States.  I have many contacts with schools all over the US that I am going to try to connect with Logos.  Pray for me when I come back to contact these schools before the passion for that dies away.
On Wednesday we flew to Berlin and it felt good to be back in Germany (for the third time this trip).  Germany is the epicenter of my heart and I have such a burden to see the Germans come to Christ in masse.  Thursday I taught a Bible study in the pastor's home to about 15 people.  I spoke out of Psalm 137 about learning to sing the songs of Zion when one is in a foreign land.  Being in a foreign land for seven weeks has been a good test of my heart to make Jesus Christ my greatest joy and not the United States of America.  I have found the Beauty of the Lord in some of the most depressing settings I have ever seen in my life on this trip.  Oh, how sweet the fellowship of the Holy Spirit in a foreign land!!!  I can't wait to share with you all at Faith Baptist Church when I again will be in your midst.  Your prayers have sustained us in many ways.  We are not home sick or physically sick or weary.  It is only the strength of the Lord that is carrying us on wings as eagles.  We know that you are standing with us and we have been comforted and encouraged by your faithful prayers and supplications for us.
Friday Jinner and I spoke at a couples get together at an Italian restaurant.  We had a wonderful time sharing the Word with them and encouraging them.  One couple we met back in 2004 is still going to the church and it was good to fellowship with them and to be in touch with them again.  The church (Crossway International Baptist Church) is doing really great and is growing.  It was good to see so many new couples that are a part of this church.
Saturday we went into the center of Berlin and toured the city.  It is an international city and I believe very important in reaching all of Europe.  Yet to see all the nicely dressed people and impressive people with the wrong purposes in life really burdened my heart to bring Christ to this great yet lost city.  In the evening I got to speak to the youth group and shared my heart for them to reach Germany since so many of them know German fluently and have a head start.  There were many tears of sincere desire to do what they can as young people to reach Germany for Christ.  Please pray for these precious young people to not forget their commitments that night.
Sunday we were at the church a total of seven hours preaching, singing, doing awana, cleaning up the church and then hanging around with everybody fellow shipping over fast food.  What a great day.  I spoke on Luke 11 about the Lord's parable of the importune friend in verses 5-10.  I exhorted the people to pray until the door is opened to win Berlin to Christ.  We have to do it because there is no one else that is begging the Lord for Berlin.  May our prayers be, "Give me Berlin or I die."
Monday we took a walking tour of Berlin that lasted 5 hours.  Our hearts were burdened as we heard of the history of Germany and all of the people that have led them astray over and over.  The answer is Jesus Christ but even He has been blamed because of false religions and false believers to be part of the problem.  We need to sincerely bring the true gospel of Jesus Christ to this great land.  Pray that the Lord will use our ministry to inspire many young men and women to come to Germany with the gospel.  Also pray that as we work with ABWE and other mission agencies that we will strategize a new way to empower missions around the world.  There has to be a better way!
Well, Tuesday was a day off and today we toured the city of Pottsdam.  Tomorrow we leave for Vienna, Austria so we would appreciate your continued prayers to finish strong on this mission trip for the Lord.  This last trip could be very strategic in some ways that I cannot speak of yet but there is a real need for wisdom and faith on my part to see what God is doing.  I don't want my unbelief to miss an opportunity to speed the gospel on its way!
Thank you all again for praying for us and being our sending church.  You are dear and close to our hearts!  We will be home in about a week and then I will be traveling out to McBain for a missions conference and then to Grand Rapids to speak in a Christian school.  I know I will need extra strength at that time and I hope to see you if the Lord wills.  God bless you!!
yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner


Hi, Every Precious Prayer Warrior,

You would not believe the trouble we have had with finding an internet connection or at least a good one.  We have been so anxious to get the news of our journey to you all but have failed over and over.  I have typed three letters that disappeared to the internet happy land of lost letters.  Anyways, we have a good connection here at Holy Trinity Baptist Church in Bucherest, Romania so I am typing quickly between messages.  I preached twice this morning at a youth rally and have to preach one more time this afternoon so I will try to get it all in as fast as I can.

 October 6-11   Lisbon, Portugal

Well, after leaving Istanbul, Turkey riots broke out on the very streets we had walked just days before (I don't think we caused them).  We arrived in Portugal to speak at the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy for a spiritual life conference.  Our friends Jordan and Jessa Anderson, worship leaders at Lake Ann this past summer, met us there to begin four weeks of ministry together.  The students at the academy really loved the Anderson's ministry and they have complimented our ministry perfectly.

We preached at the academy on Wednesday through Friday and just loved the students there.  What a great group of kids.  We were hosted by Cal and Joyce Voelker during the days there as well as by other ABWE missionaries.  Cal is the principal of the academy as well as numerous other responsibilities.  Cal and Joyce hosted us in their home for a couple of meals and showed us around Lisbon.  Portugal has ten million people and about four million are in the city of Lisbon so the opportunities to reach that country for Christ abound right in this city alone.  During the mornings we went sightseeing with different friends from ABWE.  You can see pictures on facebook.

Friday evening after the school conference we had a youth rally for area churches.  About 100 young people from all over the Lisbon area came to the rally.  My messages had to be translated but I had a wonderful person to do it and so felt very comfortable.  Nobody was saved but we had a great time encouraging the teens that were there.  Saturday was a family conference for area churches and again there were about 100 present.  Sunday I had the privilege to speak in a church in the morning and then we visited a church in the evening.  Jordan and Jessa got quite a workout singing and playing in all of these sessions and churches.  The people of Portugal loved their music!  They have been a great asset to our ministry as they open the door to listening hearts.

I have to mention the great work that all of the missionaries are doing in Portugal.  ABWE's complex there in Lisbon is a wonderful facility.  It is a school building, an office building and a place for volunteers to stay.  We felt like we were in a beautiful resort.  The weather was lovely as the people.  What a great team of missionaries serve there with ABWE.  There are church planters, educators, youth pastors and many other workers ministering for the Lord in this great city of Lisbon.

October 12-15   Kusel and Hagen, Germany

We left Lisbon with great memories and warm hearts as well as burdened hearts for the country of Portugal.  We landed in Frankfurt, Germany and rented a car to get to Kusel, Germany where we spent a night with our son Richard and his wife Julia.  It was good to have some time with them but the next day we were off to Hagen, Germany to visit a family that we have come to love.  The Hofmanns, a German family, are serving the Lord in Hagen in one of the largest Baptist Churches in Germany.  They have about 400 members and Stephan Hofmann is the senior pastor there.  His son Jan (pronounced Yon) was a camper at Lake Ann Camp this summer for two weeks.  It was two weeks that transformed his life.  Jan is starting a prayer group in his public school but there are so many authorities to go through to do this (even the mayor of the city) so pray for him. 

We all stayed with the Hofmanns and had a great time.  Wednesday evening we did a concert and youth rally and enjoyed our time with that church.  I am the first speaker they have had in years and years that had to be translated so we are a unique connection to the United States for them.  We are talking about doing an "English camp" for them in a couple of years as an outreach project for their church.  Young people will go to a camp to learn English better.  So we can use this as a way to get the gospel into Germany.  This may be one of the ways the Lord will use us in Germany (that way I can preach in English and won't have to be slowed down being translated).  God just revealed this new open door for ministry and we are very excited about it.
 October 16-17   Bucherest, Romania
We got in late at night in Bucherest and were grateful to rest our heads on our pillows that evening.  But, early the next morning I was off to the seminary here in Bucherest to preach to the men preparing for ministry.  What a privilege (and can they sing).  That evening we did another youth rally at Bethany Baptist Church as well as a concert.  Once again the people loved Jordan and Jessa's music.  That brings us up to today as I said I have preached twice already and am going back in a few minutes to preach again (by the way, 14 teens were saved at the second service)!!  Right now Jordan and Jessa are doing a concert so I have to get in there to hear my favorite songs.
May the Lord keep you praying for us fervently.  We need every prayer.  God is keeping us safe and healthy and on fire for Him!  We can't wait to see you all face to face to tell you of our great adventure of sharing the gospel here in Europe.

Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph


 Dear "yokefellow" in prayer,

I thank the Lord so much that we are yoked together in the service of the King! And Jinner and I thank you that you are praying fervently for us as we minister to many people in many lands. May the Lord put on your account the fruit that is being harvested for His glory.

October 1, 2009
This day we got on a plane early from Budapest and flew back to Frankfurt to catch our plane to Istanbul, Turkey. We had about a seven hour layover in Frankfurt which was good for us because we had to claim our bags and then find the next carrier to check our bags in (I hope that makes sense). We arrived in Frankfurt early and had to wait until 12:00pm to check our bags in, so we just toured the airport to become familiar with it. It is HUGH!! We will be making many trips through the Frankfurt airport and through many different airlines so we wanted to see where each check-in ports were and where the different gates were. Also, there are two terminals in Frankfurt so we practiced getting from one to the other and had a marvelous time. We really know the Frankfurt airport!!
We left Frankfurt and arrived in Istanbul, Turkey about 10:30 pm. We got in line to go through the passport check and were turned away because we did not have a visa. I was a bit alarmed for a moment and then I remembered that someone told us that we needed to buy a visitors visa for $20 and then they let you in. We got in another line, bought our visas, got in another passport line, got through and then found out that our bags were just coming through baggage claim (and I thought the Philadelphia airport baggage people were slow). Our host Anna Burgess, who is a teacher at the Gateway International Academy, took us to her home where we slept soundly.

 October 2
We slept in and had a casual breakfast and lunch. Anna came back from school early and took us sightseeing in Istanbul. What a rich heritage of history and of Christianity Istanbul possesses. We rode on a bus, a boat, a trolley and walked a ways to get to the European side of Istanbul where most of the sites are. We saw the Blue Mosque and almost got stuck in a service. They came in and started telling all the women to cover their heads with scarves. We got out quickly and went to the next site, the oldest church in Istanbul built in 524 AD. It was magnificent to say the least. When the Turks had conquered the land in the 1400's they went into this church and plastered the walls to cover over any Christian symbolism. Recently they turned this church into a museum and found under the plaster some magnificent mosaics of Christ and other Christian Characters of the New Testament. We have posted some pictures for you on facebook.

Later we ate at a sidewalk cafe' then went to a huge bazaar and then walked to the church where I spoke to about 30 teens. Most of them were going to be at the retreat that I was to speak at the next day so I shared a message to prepare then for the retreat and to anticipate what the Lord was going to do. It was a wonderful time with teenagers that are facing rough times in a land that is hostile to Jesus Christ.

 After the youth night we walked a mile down "the strip in Istanbul for all of the cool people" called the freedom road or independence street according to one's interpretation. I can't pronounce the real name or spell it so my interpretation will have to do. Let me tell you that materialism is alive and well in Turkey. Turkey is very industrialized and westernized. Istanbul has 18,000,000 people and is perhaps the third largest city in the world. It is a fast growing city and the gateway from Europe to Asia a strategic place for the Lord to work. I'll share more when we get home.

We then took a boat back to the Asia side of Istanbul and then a taxi ride home. Have you ever rode in an Istanbul Taxi? You will catch up on your prayer life and find that the thrill will keep you from going to sleep very rapidly. A bus ride that took us 30 minutes, took us 10 minutes by taxi. WOW!!

 October 3
We got to Gateway International Academy early in the morning and rode a bus 3 hours to the resort where the retreat was. The last hour was going up a mountain on switchback roads. Again I caught up on my prayer life, which really was up to date from the taxi ride the night before. This day was the beginning of the Middle School retreat. We had a great time preaching and Jinner and I went hiking between sessions. We got caught on top of the mountain in some rain but arrived back safely though muddy and wet.

 October 4
Today we finished the Middle School retreat and the Senior High School students arrived. These young people are on fire for the Lord. They have some outreach projects planned for Istanbul that could be very dangerous! They face more than being unpopular. Here they face grave physical danger. They are willing to stand for Christ. I don't know if I have that much courage! Pray for them on October 17 for safety!

 October 5
We finished the Senior High Retreat this morning. We had a great time of prayer after the evening service last night and I preached about how to keep the fire burning for Christ when they get home. These young people are serious about reaching their world for Christ and the world is right in their back yard so pray for the gospel to go forth in this land!

Jinner and I will leave for Portugal tomorrow morning at 3:45am. I know you will pray for us as we travel and continue to preach. I am seeing the world like I never saw it before. I am learning so much about the needs and working of ministry in the global village that we all live in. Pray for wisdom as I speak and for health and energy to carry on for Christ. We are loving our new journey in life and for the Lord. Pray that what the Lord is putting in our lives through this ministry will impact the world for the gospel.

Ken and Jinner Rudolph
2 Corinthians 3


September 26, 2009

Dear Faith Baptist Church,

Well, we just finished the ACSI Student Leadership Conference in Budapest, Hungary.  There were over 300 students and teachers here, the biggest ever.  There were students from 18 different European Nations and 44 schools across Europe.  What a tremendous blessing and opportunity the Lord gave to us.  We preached 6 times and Jinner did two workshops.  All went so well.  The last session I gave a gospel presentation for any that were not saved.  15 students made professions of faith, praise the Lord!!!!!  There are many children of business men and diplomats kids that go to these Christian Schools that are not saved so it was an evangelistic opportunity as well as a time to inspire Christians to love the Lord with all of their hearts and to reach their own nation for Jesus Christ.  One of the things that brought tears to my eyes was when I saw the banner for the conference across the front of the auditorium with the conference theme.  It read "Be Strong and Courageous - Joshua 1:9."   If you all remember that was the passage the Lord used to call me to missions at your church.  Wow, what a confirmation of God's leading in our lives.  Many student's lives were touched and many testified of the passion to go home and reach their schools, churches, nations and the world for Christ.  After the conference we received invitations to go all over Europe to speak.  That was another confirmation that the Lord wants to use us to reach Europe for Christ.  I wish we could send you all of the comments from students and teachers that were so encouraging but I don't have enough time.  But, Jinner and I would like to thank you again for your partnership in this ministry.  The souls that were saved are on your account in heaven and the nations that will be reached with the precious gospel of Jesus Christ will happen because of your prayers and gifts.  Keep pulling in the harness with us.  We still have a long way to go but are feeling healthy and passionate to reach the nations for Christ.  We will be in an international church tomorrow with some ABWE colleagues and then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will be in three different Christian Schools.  Pray for our travels as we don't know what we are doing when it comes to traveling around Hungary and we surely don't speak Hungarian so all your prayers are needed and appreciated.  Thursday we leave for Turkey and they are a Muslim country.  We will write you before then so that you will know how the three days of Christian Schools went.  Hi, to everyone there at Faith Baptist but especially the precious children who love us there and have prayed and given to our ministry.  We love you all so much!!  May the Lord be praised and glorified this Lord's day!  We are praying for you, too!

Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
Psalm 138


September 23, 2009

Hi to all at Faith Baptist Church,

We just arrived at the camp in Hungary where we will be speaking to over 300 young people from 18 different European countries.  We are excited at the opportunities to influence so many people for Jesus Christ in Europe.  I know you all will be praying for us.

We had a great time at the church in Kusel with the staff of the church where our son Richard is doing his internship.  We talked about strategy for the future as well as pressing urgent needs.  There is great potential there for training many people for church planting in Germany.  We are trusting the Lord for His supply.

On Sunday I preached in the Free Baptist Church in Kaiserslautern.  I have met the pastor before and he was away so it worked out well for me to be here so that I could preach.  What a precious fellowship which is very alive for Christ.  We look forward to working with them in the future too.

Our trip to Frankfurt was almost uneventful until Jinner left her purse on the train and she had to rush back with Richard and pry open the door before it took off and retrieve her purse.  It was there, PRAISE THE LORD.  I could not believe it, but then again I could since she always leaves her keys laying around. The Lord was good to help us not lose that purse with credit cards and her license in it.

Once we were in the airport in Frankfurt to fly to Budapest we almost went through a wrong gate.  I just happened to look up and saw that we were in the wrong place.  We had missed a turn to our left and who knows what we would have to go through to get back to our proper gate.  The Lord watches out for people like us who do not do a lot of international travel (at least not yet).  God has guided us all the way and we are ready to preach!!!  Pray for Jinner as she will be doing two workshops at this conference.

We thank God for you all and for your constant prayers!

Ken and Jinner
2 Corinthians 3

September 19th, 2009

Dear Faith Baptist Church,

Praise the Lord we arrived safely in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday.  Our son, Richard picked us up and we had to literally run to catch a train to catch another train to get to our first destination.  It was quite a sight watching two old people with three suitcases running though our son did help with one of the suitcases.  It was still a funny sight.

We were quite privileged to spend our first day with the senior saints riding on a boat down the Rhine River.  We saw about 10 castles on the shores and tried to fellowship with the folks but my German is quite limited and so I did a lot of nodding and smiling.  The Kusel church is such a sweet fellowship of people and we enjoyed being with them.  After many rides on trains we got home at 8:30pm and went to bed.  I slept well!

Today we got up early and walked around Kusel to get acquainted with this town and also bought some bakery goods for breakfast and lunch.  I fell down in the middle of the town because I was taking in the sights and stepped off the curb.  I was fine but just a little embarrassed.  I guess that is one way to get people to notice you.

Tomorrow we will be speaking in a church in Kaiserslautern.  So we are on our way.  We have crossed the Jordan and are starting our ministry of taking the promised land.  Thanks for your prayers.  We love you all so much and you are in our prayers, too!  God bless for the glory of Jesus Christ!

Ken and Jinner Rudolph