Sunday morning service: 10 am

    Our morning service usually involves the singing of 3-4 hymns that are displayed on a screen using a video projector.  These hymns are interspersed with Scripture verses around a worship theme for the service.  The singing time is followed by a verse by verse study of a Scripture passage with a major emphasis on application.  We do not have any expected dress codes for this service or any of our other services. 

Sunday School 11am

In the Sunday School hour we begin with dividing up into three main groups (children, teens, and adults).  The children have a singing time in the auditorium for the first fifteen minutes or so and then divide up into three different age groups for their Bible story.  The teens go right to their class after the morning service and the adults have a coffee and cookie time before their Sunday School class.  The focus of the adult class is the examination of a passage of Scripture with a discussion of how it applies to our lives today.

Sunday evening service: 6 pm

    Our evening service usually begins with singing a hymn and then looking at a passage of Scripture.  We have more of a teaching/Bible Study format in the evening with questions and responses.


Wednesday evening service: 6 pm

    Our mid-week service usually begins with singing a hymn, followed by looking at a passage of Scripture with a question/response format.  This is followed by a time of sharing prayer requests.  Once these requests have been shared we then split up into smaller same-gender groups for prayer.